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  2. Several Lizards Entered Enrico's Pizzeria 🍕🦎🐊 MASKS 👺👹😷
  3. Giraffes Entering New Endangered Species 😬🦒 SLEEP 😴 💤 🛌
  4. Can Hiccups Increase Common Knowledge? 🤔 HEART 💗
  5. Blue Orchids Obfuscate Their Sultans. 💜👳‍♂️ CHICK🐥
  6. Absolutely! http://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-response-framework-keeping-ontario-safe-and-open#section-0 We are at the best coding right now in the province. We still have vast restrictions but we are no longer under a state of emergency and stay at home order at least in our public health department/area.
  7. Sorry if I missed this, what is the green zone? Is that a good thing?
  8. We go into the green zone on Wednesday. Not the province but my public health region.
  9. 😣 "The Buccaneers’ Super Bowl win was a cause for such widespread celebration that Tampa’s mayor and public-health experts are now expressing concern. “We never know until after the fact if an event has been a super spreader.”
  10. I read an article about research on COVID antibodies found in blood that had been previously donated in December (2019) in 9 different states. So, now they know the virus was present in the US a few months earlier than originally thought. Fascinating find.
  11. Official attendance expected for Super Bowl LV: 25,000 fans Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Fl... 🏈😷
  12. Yes , you could tell her FB means little it is the friendship that matters .
  13. It's just Facebook. I would rather be friends with someone in real life than on some electronic platform that is primarily showing me ads for products I don't want and "news feeds" from celebrities or "groups".
  14. But you have the RIGHT to travel if you want to!!! You'll travel if you believe in FREEDOM!!! 😜 I've seen some people posting videos complaining about wanting to go to Disneyland and mean old California governor won't open it up!!! And they want to go party in Vegas but mean old Nevada governor will only open up the hotels and casinos to 25% capacity! And stupid mask regulations! How dare they expect them to care for one another!!! They believe in FREEDOM!! A cruise ship is one big cesspool of infection. It's not surprising (except to those who choose to travel on a cruise) tha
  15. Idiots? 😝 A billion dollars wouldn't get me on one of those.💰🚢
  16. There's one cruise line whose commercial keeps repeating the words "FREE!" and "FREEDOM!" You just know what group they are marketing to.
  17. Why do I keep seeing/hearing ads for cruises? 😣
  18. Thanks, Seraphim. Unfortunately it's already caused hurt feelings. 😞 I'm not sure there is an easy way to tell someone no when they ask you to add them on FB. There's reasonable explanations, but at the end of the day, they feel rejected. Sigh...I wished I hadn't made this lady feel bad, but I truly don't know her well at all.

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