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  1. I kind of feel like you want to find someone so badly that you are actually trying to force it a bit and you're also not actually paying attention to what these guys are saying. And paying attention to the signs. I think you're just trying to hear what you want to hear. This current guy did say he's looking for something for casual. I know you clarified and said you don't want casual. So he said something about his situation not being good and that he wants to take it slow. So essentially he still said he wants something more slow and casual. But he just realised that by saying casual he's put
  2. Well maybe he's being honest with you and because of his job, daughter and other commitments he actually can only do those lunch dates at the moment. If he didn't want to see you at all, he wouldn't. So he does want to see you. I'm not saying you should be "60's housewife" but just saying people need to understand in early dating that it's not a relationship and people have lives outside of them. I would give exactly the same advice to a man. I actually hate gender roles. So the advice I gave you had nothing at all to do with you being a woman. Again, if this guy's schedule doesn't suit y
  3. Well, to be honest I think on online dating there are a lot of flakes and people who are keeping their options open. It's fair enough though to keep your options open (and you should too) if the guys don't really know you yet. You are a stranger to them and they're just getting to know you. I understand three dates in two months is really not much but having maybe one date a week or once a fortnight early on is actually OK. I mean realistically these guys probably are talking to other women and going on dates with other women. They also have jobs, maybe kids, friends and family. I mean, it doe
  4. Well honestly I think the only thing you can get out of this is sex. And that's probably all he's trying to get out of it. I'm 36 and I've had all this on online dating. Teenagers and 20-year-olds who want an "experienced" woman. I could even guess he might be a virgin and wants to be shown the ropes in bed. Maybe literally 😂 When I was a teenager I thought 30-year-olds were old. Also even if the 18-year-ols does want to date, he would be not anywhere near your maturity level. He's probably just out of school. Unless you're intellectually delayed there would be a mental maturity level miles ap
  5. Something I haven't written about here is that I've been an alcoholic since I was a teenager (I'm 36). Alcoholism runs in my family. My Mum's brother and Dad's father were alcoholics all their life. However I wasn't close to them at all and hardly knew them. My Dad literally never drank because he resented his father's drinking. My Mum hated her brother for his drinking and drinks very rarely and minimally. I started drinking as a teenager because I guess it's a big part of young people's culture here in Australia. Straight away I seemed to have an addiction to it (maybe genetic) and it's
  6. My opinion, though I didn't always have this opinion, is that being a prostitute is a job that is a demanded job and it actually is legal in a lot of places and even protected by law (technically). In my state it's legal to work from a brothel or as a sole sex worker from the client's place or hotel and you are meant to be legally registered, which gives you rights. So it's actually a job just like any other job. I've written this in another post, I'm a disability worker and some of my disabled clients used prostitutes because they have no other opportunity to experience intimacy because peop
  7. That's some Jerry Springer stuff right there! Lol Well I guess it was a lame thing they did but the good news is you and your partner are happy together and with your child!
  8. I think it could be OK to start some kind of online relationship only if you live in the same city or at least country, or you have some way to be together in person. I understand that during COVID everyone is in quarantine most of the time and that's why a relationship might start online for a while, because it's not possible to meet in person. However the online relationship would be with the intention to date in real life as soon as it's allowed. Without real kissing, holding hands, going on dates and intimacy, what you have with this girl is a friendship and not a romantic relationship.
  9. To be honest I actually think that it's not good for two people with fairly serious mental illness to be in a relationship. I've thought this for a while because I work with people with disabilities and mental health and I've noticed this in people I worked with who dated other people with mental illness. If you struggle with mental health you probably need a boyfriend who doesn't have mental illness himself and who can be stable and supportive for you. It's obviously very hard to try to take care of your own depression and anxiety, of your children and also of your boyfriend. You need stabili
  10. Well in a massage parlour "additional services" would mean a handjob and/ or blow job. Your husband is obviously a cheater because he did sexual things with someone else and he talks to other women online too. He probably may have done something sexual with those women from online too. I mean if he's going to get sexual services from a masseuse then how can you trust anything he's saying?
  11. I understand you've never been in a relationship so maybe you don't really know how attraction and dating works. You think that just because you're fit and not a bad-looking guy, that this girl HAS to be attracted to you. She actually doesn't have to be attracted to you just because of that. Attraction is subjective, which means that it's personal to each individual who they find attractive. You and your male friend could look at a girl and one of you could find her attractive and the other one wouldn't. It's the same girl but you and your friend are different people so may not necessarily bot
  12. Well to me it sounds like the relationship is not really that healthy. The phone thing in my opinion is really bad. Honestly if I was on either end of it I would feel really weird about it. If my partner said to me I can go through their phone as much as I want, I would be thinking why? Do they have no boundaries or actually have something to hide? And if my partner went through my phone going back three years, I would feel very uncomfortable and even angry. Going through the phone is irrelevant and it's also a breach of trust. The fact that you spent time going through all the messages and go
  13. Well what do you think you want in this relationship in order to not feel lonely and to feel happy? It's not unreasonable at all to want to have friends. Especially if your boyfriend is busy with work, school and his own interests. There are probably opportunities for you to meet friends in the new area such as Meetup groups, hobby classes, even online friendship apps like Bumble BFF or Patook. Is your boyfriend willing to let you do that? Is he willing to spend more time with you and go out on dates? You want these things so unless he's going to put in the effort then how will things change?
  14. I actually really believe that people don't change. People have a very set personality, values, beliefs and habits and overall change quite little. E.g. They might stop being into X TV show and now like Y TV show. So the changes are only on a small scale and not changing their personality or how they behave. Also apart from being jealous that you try to have friends, it doesn't really sound like your boyfriend is doing anything wrong as such. He just sounds like he's not an outgoing person who likes to go out and so things or hang out with friends. He likes his alone time and his hobbies
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