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  1. Yes you are lucky you didn't get a mortgage together.... It's always better to buy property solely in your name even if it's smaller (unless you are married for years etc etc). You don't want drama when it comes to serious life decisions.
  2. There is magic in this world, it's called nature 🙂 Birkenhead (the town on the other side of the river) during sunset!
  3. Flashback: Some scenes of the movie Pearl Harbor conjured up. I don't know why I remembered this movie. Great movie by the way, I want to see it again. In all the romantic drama movies (Pearl Harbor, The Notebook etc) it's always the same story: two men wanting the same woman which always happens to be in a relationship with one of the two lol. I haven't seen the reverse in a movie (two women wanting the same man and fighting till the end), maybe there are some movies with this plot but I don't think it's the norm. This is not romantic lol? On the other hand, I haven't seen many romantic drama
  4. Seems promising! I surmise it's a small company, right? If this is the case, you will have the opportunity to build close relationships with the clients which could vastly help if your plan is to strike out on your own at some point.
  5. He has to give me a sign, how else I am supposed to know? I am just asking for a small fall out between two mere mortals. That's it. No, actually after the fall out she needs to fall in love with me otherwise it would be a half-*ss job. Not asking for much, am I?
  6. Should I text her to come by for a coffee on the docks? The only chance she would accept it, it would be if she brings her boyfriend along… Siiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Why it never happens like in the movies? Why don’t they have a fall out for no apparent reason? God, do me a favor for once……………and I will start believing....I promise you I will start going to the church on Sundays.
  7. Sorry to hear about your break-up h_k. Good to see you again here though, how have you been?
  8. I think men are more laid back by nature in any race (on average). Although I observed that in the UK men are a lot more demanding. A nice change for once. I avoid dating Mediterranean women, there is reason lol. Greek men marrying foreign women - usually works. Greek women marrying foreign men - almost never works. Nobody else would tolerate the temper for long.
  9. Bro’s wife had a surgery yesterday, unfortunately she got retinal detachment in one of her eyes. It is very likely to happen to people with myopia. You suddenly see shapes and your vision becomes blurry. It needs to be treated urgently otherwise you go blind permanently. In the meantime, you should not do anything except for lying in bed. Bro told me the surgery went well. Fortunately, her insurance covered emergencies (it would cost 30K otherwise). She has to stay at home for a couple of weeks but it seems the surgery went well and she will convalesce fast without any complication
  10. Good opportunities come to good people. Don't let it slide this time. I don't know what he offers salary-wise but if it's for your mental well-being, go ahead.
  11. Hahahahahahaha yes we speak loudly. Maybe it's because of the structure of the language. Also daily arguments/fights are normal. It's more like a hobby, 10 minutes later it's like nothing happened. They are called "we are alive" arguments lol. I don't exhibit the above characteristics (I have been told) but I am not the typical sample. I do have other typical Greek traits. Armenians are pretty close culturally so I am not surprised. Also because he shouts it doesn't mean anything. You replied the right way. You were direct and diplomatic, this is the way to go (with any race rea
  12. Ha, glad you clarified it. We have many naughty members here, who knows what they imagined!
  13. We have a bit of temper 😁 Not very productive, it's helpful in bed though lol. Irish are the Italian version of British, they are pretty laid back even by northern standards. I liked your answer, pretty direct but written in a diplomatic way. Best approach by far.
  14. Well played 🙂 Me too! Totally agree! You did the right thing!
  15. Seems very likely. Well if she mesmerized so many guys kudos to her 🙂 It's a pity I won't see her again but life goes on. The new company seems promising. They told me I made an excellent first impression to everybody on the team. Now it's about proving I am doing quality work. I like them. I also believe it's a position with prospects and for long term investment. This gut feeling that the future will be brighter is still there. Good sign.
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