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  1. Update: It wasn’t an allergic reaction to the iron infusion. I got home and almost passed out in the shower the next thing I know my left arm went totally numb and I couldn’t move it at all! My mom rushed me to the emergency room. I just now got home from the hospital. I was in ICU these past two days because I suffered a small TIA stroke. I was put on this dangerous medication that saved my life and my arm function. The hematologist I will be seeing shortly again soon. She called me while I was in ICU on my phone and sent a doctor from her practice to
  2. That’s how I’m feeling with meat! My mom will take out a steak to prepare it and I just salivate. Lol Thats interesting about the ice craving because I am doing the same. Except I put a lot of ice and little water. Thanks for the well wishes, I’m hoping I can be on the mend and stay on the mend.
  3. So as you all know I have to have Iron infusion treatments. I am severely anemic and iron deficient. Today I felt excited that I was going to get iron and start to feel better. My symptoms have been getting worse. I sleep most of the days and I crave ice and raw meat. I’m not much of a meat eater so this is a strange symptom to have. I literally want a raw piece of steak. I’m also not really wanting the water just all the ice cubes in it. My hands and feet are so cold that when I rub my right leg with the bottom of my left foot it startles me. Because the pad of my foot
  4. Op listen to a man that tells you he’s not the right man for you. Thank him in thought that he’s set you free. He sounds commitment phobic. He also in three years never let you in on more of his life. That’s unnatural and a huge red flag!
  5. Hi! Honestly it doesn’t sound like a good match. You’re anxiety is getting worse probably each time he leaves and it’s because he can’t handle your anxiety, which causes anxiety. See it’s a vicious cycle? You need to work better on this anxiety to have a healthy relationship with anyone. Not saying him leaving is your fault. Him deciding on leaving and gaslighting you shows his true character. You should just be thankful for his silence and move forward.
  6. I really don’t feel you should stay in a situation where physical abuse is going to be how she ‘deals’ with conflict. Unless she’s willing to seek individual counseling and marriage counseling, I don’t see this getting any better. Nobody no matter how angry should never resort to violence! In my first relationship I ever had when I was 20. The guy was verbally and physically abusive and I kept making excuses for him. I would even get myself to believe in the excuses. After that relationship I vowed I would never let another guy get violent and violatle. When I dat
  7. I think she wasn’t interested. If she was interested she wouldn’t have deleted you and showed more interest in getting back to you right away. If someone wants you they show it. It’s best to just move forward from here
  8. Update! I had the procedure and finally got a reassurance and clean Bill of health. The ‘tumor’ is nothing scary it’s most likely a sac of fluid or scar tissue in the abdomen. She said it’s not in the colon. My oncologist will probably touch base with me soon. The GI doctor told me I probably need but really not needed, need to see a general surgeon to look inside my stomach to determine what it is down the road, she didn’t recommend it now with Covid. She said it’s not urgent. This makes me feel better.
  9. It’s here! Today’s the day. Wish me luck! I hope this is my last stop with this tumor. That it can be resolved. I’m no longer nervous, just extremely hopeful.
  10. My procedure has been moved up to this coming Friday. I’m nervous it’s so soon.
  11. If you’re looking for a relationship and he’s not, you’re just going to get hurt. I also don’t think you’ll change his mind the longer you stay. Why invest anymore time?
  12. The answer is no. Because love should never be this hard. You blocked him based on a gut reaction telling you, you deserve better. Keep no contact.
  13. Hi, First off my sympathy on your friends departure. That’s a terrible loss! You definitely needed support during that time. I honestly think borderline or not, your girlfriend isn’t a good fit. I think illnesses can impact our judgment or not give us a filter with emotion, but you can’t blame BPD for her being self centered and arrogant. Those are more personality traits. I’m schizoid affective and if I was downright gaslighting someone it wouldn’t be because of my mental illness. It would be because I’m inconsiderate. It’s good she’s seeking help but you sound checked
  14. It helps when you start seeing them as a real person opposed to high on the pedastool you have them on. I think once you get into a daydream mode of her it’s easier for the mind to wander. She becomes this ideal, perfect personified person. Therefor fanning the flame to your crush. I think keep busy and distracted and see her less. Focus on woman who are attainable.
  15. I completely agree 100% Waffle! If a guy said that to me it would be enough of a big red flag for me to end the relationship. OP she doesn’t need to conform to your needs if she isn’t in the mood. I’m like Kate in the instance if I’m not in the mood when I was having sex years ago. The sex hurt really bad! I actually caved with my long term ex of 11 years all the time because I wanted to make him happy. I became resentful. Sex is a choice you both need to be on board with 100% at all times. If Kate isn’t feeling it, find something else you both enjoy. I also
  16. I honestly forgot about the tumor until the hematologist who originally had nothing to do with it brought it up. She just remembered I was seeing specialists about it. She didn’t know the third Urologist I saw wrote it off as being nothing. So I kind of take responsibility for not pursuing it further on my end and not telling the GI doctor I had it during my appointment last month with her. So the GI doctor is saying I should have told her. She said even if I was told it could be benign. I think I need a new Urologist though for writing this off as nothing. It still could be nothing but he
  17. Thanks, I hope the colonoscopy is the last stop.
  18. Thanks! I was actually trying to convince her that it was nothing lol she finally said “ let me be the doctor and find out if it’s nothing.” Lol I just didn’t want to go through this again.
  19. I’m starting to wonder. There’s a lot of weird stuff in my family. I’ll ask the doctor that.
  20. Oh and the reason they thought it was in the bladder is because it’s indenting the bladder. So it’s in my colon pressing on my bladder.
  21. Hi, So you remember the bladder tumor that no doctor knew exactly where it was? I had a cystoscope and a surgery in June to look for it. Then my Urologist told me it’s probably benign. So great! That’s good news I can move on... Well I saw my Hematologist for a follow up appointment last week. I haven’t seen her in a year. She asks me what happened with the tumor. I tell her the recent events and how it’s nothing to worry about. She then proceeds to tell me due to recent blood work it shows I’m very iron deficient and anemic. So I need iron infusions. This is my second ti
  22. Maybe she just needed to have the talk you guys had and will chill out a bit. I really honestly though don’t see this working out as far as her dog and your cat and her telling you to give up your job, location and cat. I get compromise but you having to bend more to her liking isn’t fair. I’m glad you told her about the neediness let’s just see if she can back off. Usually neediness just doesn’t go away just like that. It’s a character flaw the person has to work on. I think her co dependency isn’t going to help you guys either. That will only improve once she st
  23. You know as I’m witnessing a dear friend of mine come to terms daily as a new widow this hits home. I hope my friend will find love again but right now she’s in despair. I think the question is a manipulative trap your girlfriend set for you, it’s not a really fair question either. You’re only 20 so the fact she’s so co dependent is really unhealthy. I get planning a future and that person being the love of your life while their still alive but honestly her asking that shows there’s more going on with her insecurity. I would ask her why she feels the need to ask that.
  24. You need to lose weight for YOU! Who cares what he says or thinks about how he feels about it! I honestly would say “That’s nice.” Then show him the door. I dated a guy who I had fun with but he was just overall a crappy guy! He wouldn’t have sex because of my being overweight. I then broke things off. Why be with someone who won’t embrace you at any weight? Also the fact he withholds sex from you is just mean! There’s better op!
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