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  1. Is that really true, though? The title of this post is "Why do men do this?" But you're really asking questions specific to one man: I wonder if your alarm bells are going off about the red flags that others have identified, and if you are maybe just minimizing the unease that you feel over them.... Hoping it's not what it looks like, that it's nothing to worry about. Which we all do from time to time. Perhaps you are trying to prove to yourself that his behavior is just a product of the times, just like texting and emojis. This is simply not the behavior of someone w
  2. Right now, I'm feeling a little bit of a thrill--nourishing defiance--from calling out of work. Hopefully, I can carry this feeling through tomorrow.
  3. I started reading Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. I've had The Last of the Mohicans on my nightstand to read since October, but James Fennimore Cooper is tough, man. I'm kind of avoiding that. Clan of the Cave Bear is ok. I read it many years ago. Her concept is very interesting. She speculates about the earliest times of humanity, when modern humans and Neanderthals shared the earth. It's Jean M. Auel's first novel, and I think it shows a little in the way that she writes. She's very matter-of-fact. She doesn't really have craftsmanship, the way that Stephen King does.
  4. That's very scary 😨 Hope things resolve in a positive way... Keep us posted.
  5. I was like that in my teens, into my 20s. I probably could have stayed like that beyond my 20s if I didn't see the error of my ways. But I did see my mistake, and I took steps to correct it. I'm not like that anymore.
  6. In a weird way, getting a job is a lot like dating. You meet someone, they look interesting, you're both on your best behavior. You get to know each other, find out what you have in common... Or at least you think you're finding out what you have in common.... Then, a couple months down the road, you find out that things aren't quite the way they were represented to be. How can you ever tell ahead of time that it's not going to be a good fit? You really can't. People are good a putting on an act to get what they want. Many (perhaps most) times, they even believe thei
  7. Yeah. Dang. Technically, I'm in a position of power because I'm employed. But my anxious mind doesn't let me feel that. I haven't responded. I don't really know what to say. "Ok," is too permissive, and "W T F does 'shortly' mean?" is too desperate. And maybe a little aggressive. I'm stuck 😅
  8. Yes, exactly. At my last job, yes. I worked for a bee with an itch. But at this job, Kasey is one of the co-owners. She couldn't do that if she wanted to! Also, she doesn't strike me as passive aggressive, just a little clueless and..... generally absent. However, Simon and Kasey both blame other people for their own errors. That's a big problem. On the job I'm on right now, I've watched them change their story repeatedly. Just today, it was structure. Last week, they said wood was a bad choice; this week it's a good choice. I feel like I'm going crazy; I'm not kid
  9. I know. People have said to me about my beadwork, "Why don't you sell this? You could sell this!" I'm like, are you kidding me? Sure, if people were paying $3000 per necklace--no problem! But that's not what people are going to pay.
  10. Yeah, here the real estate market is way up. Good for sellers. Not so much for buyers.
  11. ARGH. W T F does "shortly" mean? I wish he'd predicated his last message on the fact that his hiring was contingent on these two projects. Maaaaaaaan. I hate getting my hopes up like this. It makes my current job seem even worse than it already was. Emotions are so annoying!!!
  12. Wow. I know that had to be hard. Well, I think you've done what's best for you, best for the kids, best for her. What a difficult situation. Sending you (((((((((hugs))))))))).
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