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  1. Sorry this happened . Therapy will help you infinitely more than what you believe is "justice". You can attempt to track him down, however you have no evidence. You could speak with a rape crisis center for emotional help as well as better info on whether your case is legally pursuable. If you are angry, hurt it's understandable. However. Therapy would unpack ad sort this out better than a court case.
  2. Yikes. Delete and block her and all her people from all your social media and messaging apps. What prompted you to contact her? Keep in mind she can take all this to the police. Stalking and harassment are crimes. Talk to a therapist if you want to "explain your life" to someone. Talk to friends and family. Get on dating apps if you're lonely.
  3. Agree. Nix guys who are just about "hey😍 wassup", etc. Take your time with this guy. He is clearly riding things out. In the meantime, don't forgo better men.
  4. They advocate complete sobriety. What you can do is go to a physician for a complete evaluation...with honesty about how much you drink. At that time ask for a referral to a therapist. Hopefully, you're not waiting for rock bottom when you have health, legal, financial problems or your husband leaves, you get fired and (hopefully) CPS takes your child away. If you're hiding your drinking who is watching your child? Are you driving like this? Who buys your booze? Unfortunately it's hard to pity people whose party time is more important than the lives of innocent people.
  5. Ok, that seems like casual. So a guy who lives with an ex and hardly has time to see you is ok but guys who use emojis are not ok?
  6. Sorry this happened. It sounds like his increase in drugs, alcohol etc. led to the breakup. You dodged a bullet. He would rather drink do drugs and hang out with those type of people. Unfortunately you became a mother-like figure and enabler and that further kills respect and romance. Overall be glad he found someone else to put up with his debauchery, drugs, drinking and treat like a servant running his errands, doing his homework, etc. Get your life together. Focus on your work, school, friends, family as a well as physical and mental health. Check the link below for so
  7. Excellent. Next time you want golf clubs or something she thinks "is insane", ask her permission first. What is she makes a fortune on these coins? Would that be your money?
  8. It depends on your country/jurisdiction, but if you are legally married you are a legal and financial unit. That means all your assets belong to each other legally. It's bizarre she has to ask to use money that is legally hers You simply think it's a stupid thing to buy. Ok, but legally she should know she doesn't need your approval or permission, so it's just a courtesy to you to run this by you. Do you ask her permission to make purchases?
  9. Talk to some trusted family and friends about what is going on. Be as honest as you were here. Let friends and family know you are trapped in an emotionally and verbally abusive situation.
  10. So people DO get married in thier late 20s like the average in many countries. You're too pushy. That's why her family doesn't like you. Also she's sneaking around with you. Another reason this is going nowhere fast. You want things your way. Only your way. And you want your way now. Her parents aren't idiots. They know you threw that marriage line out there to get in her pants. Stop. Date other girls. Leave her and her family alone.
  11. You may want to consider having the marriage annulled since now you found out he's infertile and do not want to have a sperm donor or adopt or anything and you're angry because you wanted biological children.
  12. Sorry this happened. After one date, everyone is still talking to and meeting others. Don't take it personally. Who knows, she may be on/off with an ex, met someone, is dating around for now, whatever. Just keep talking to and meeting women. If they won't meet or stall like this, just pull back and move forward.
  13. Excellent post Lost. Tiny, alcoholism can affect anyone.
  14. Sorry this is happening. Go back to your physician and psychiatrists and discuss all these symptoms. Make sure you follow up with ongoing support from a qualified therapist.
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