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  1. You just met this guy and if his profile is still up, that means they're still keeping their options open. You're going to meet all types of characters. And just be ready to walk away when you have to walk away. There's a lot of people who are looking for ego boosters and then there are people who you genuinely like and vice versa but there's nothing that materializes. Don't waste your time. I had met someone on OLD and I thought we really like each other. I thought maybe after 3 months of dating, things will become serious. Nope, he said he wanted to keep his options open. I walked away
  2. I think social media exacerbate some of these midlife crisis in middle-aged women. They see so and so's Facebook pages, having fun and living it up, and they want to capture that too because they don't want to miss out. I think it's fine as Long as you're not hurting anyone.
  3. Yep....Right now I am just not trying to let things get to me. My boss has been super moody and I am chalking it to her being stressed out. I left my old job to get away from office politics and that was exhausting! So what I think I'm going to do now is just keep doing my job the best I can, keep my contact with my coworker who is a *** to a minimum and stand up for myself if I feel like people are being rude/unfair to me. I am not afraid of getting fired too. I really am tired of office personalities. I think I'm going to be patient (hoping things calm down), or until I'm fired haha, a
  4. Wow, that was fast! That email from Bill looks promising. Fingers crossed. I have been reading this thread and it does remind me of the personality dynamics I deal with on an ongoing basis at work. I am still a newbie and reserved. Everyone on my unit is talkative and animated. You also have my boss who is foreign and has a thick accent. I noticed everyone cuts everyone off mid-sentence during meetings, and I wonder why people can't say "sorry can I interject you there?" I think it's just plain rude but I must be the only one who thinks this because I try not to interrupt people, and even
  5. She might be just going through this FOMO phase a lot of middle-aged women go through. I would ask if she is willing to go marriage counseling or see counseling herself. My mother in law is exhibiting this midlife FOMO crisis posting pictures of shirtless African American men on her Facebook page. No one ever knew she was attractive to African American men - her husband is not African American and he is clueless as to why she does this. Any way her new type she says are dark masculine men. She has been saying she wants to go Vegas and just the girls... do lots of clubbing and having men p
  6. There are college programs/scholarships for single moms. I know there are in California. You might want to do a quick google search if your local or state have these programs. You might not think higher education is your thing, but if they're paying you to go to school and provide daycare, why not? Your ex will need to step up too. He will also have to watch your son. IF you guys don't want to go to court, figure out a schedule that will work for you both and maybe not have to get childcare.
  7. Not sure what you're wanting or asking. Are you wanting bunch of online strangers on a relationship forum to gloat with you?
  8. It's important that when you feel something, you take ownership of that feeling. Taking ownership means being honest with yourself. Sometimes we can't help but have feelings of inadequacy, paranoia, self-pity, fear... it's okay- everyone has those feelings. But you also have to learn how to communicate those feelings to others without coming off as needy, demanding, crazy or depressed (tip: it's all in the tone). You put way too much focus in to appearances and I would advise you to divert all that energy to working on YOU. Work on your mental state of mind and maybe journaling whic
  9. You didn't blow your chance. She wasn't right or good for you. If you had stayed with her, she would have walked all over you and you don't deserve that. Keep going to your therapy sessions so you can get better. It's going to take time and like everyone has been telling you, be patient. You have a lot of work to do on yourself so you can be in a better state of mind. Think about things you can do to preoccupy your time.
  10. Yikes! This woman got some deeper issues (not GAD symptoms).... Please rethink this relationship if she does not seek professional help asap. Love does not conquer all. I know this because I'm married to a bipolar man who I love with all my heart but if he was not on top of his treatment plan, I could not be with him.
  11. So I read your post, Juliet, and you didn't mention if you've talked/mentioned to your boyfriend how his attractive friend makes you feel. Have you? Overall, what I am sensing when I read your post is you and your boyfriend lack communication. You're extremely insecure (low self-esteem) but how you cope is to keep it all in and pretend that it doesn't bother you. However, fast forward and it's backfiring now because he is pretty much walking all over you. He doesn't value you enough to tell you who he is on vacation with and doesn't even care enough to let you know how he's doing. So
  12. OMG... ya need to stop doing drugs. Please realize that you need to stop being dependent on a drug addict who is tired of you and doesn't love you. You need to get a job, get clean and take care of yourself. You are not making good life choices, my dear. AND you're adopting puppies in hope to rekindle the flame with this a-hole? Please spare the puppies!
  13. Personally I would be upset if someone asked me to get rid of my pets I've raised, trained and took care of for 6 years. It would be a dealbreaker for me. However I'm not everyone so most people don't think like me when it comes to pets. I think if you are somewhat inclined about letting your cats go to live with your boyfriend, be ready to accept that the cats might not be treated as well or live as well as when they were with you. Are you ok with that? To the point where you won't have any guilt that will manifests into resentment for your boyfriend later on? Pets are literall
  14. Antibroken, good point. My husband does this too until recently I outted him via text to his mom and him. I said "hey just want to make sure we are all on the same page. XXXX used me again as a lie to get off the phone with you!" Granted his mom was on the phone with him for an hour long but her best friend just passed from COVID. I've told my husband not to used me as lie several times but when he did this during a tense and emotional call, it upset me because his mom is probably thinking I'm a heartless u know what. She doesn't know me well because we live 400 miles away from her and t
  15. Girl.... GIRL.... Why are you still barking up this tree??? How can you expect this guy to love you when you don't even love yourself enough to listen to your own doubts about this guy? The first step to happiness in your life is accepting the notion that it is better to be alone than with a guy who doesn't appreciate and care about you.
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