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  1. It happened in the morning, we had this really silly argument and I went off to my room to cool down but as soon as I came back to eat , I realized that she had thrown away my breakfast (I know she did that in anger) and her reason was because she did it because I wasn't eating. I just cried and I told her that she was crazy to do such a horrible thing because I know she did it on purpose and that made her even more mad that she hit me causing a wound on my hand. Whenever we fight, I would always swallow my pride and go talk to her, but this time I didn't want to because I feel like she only t
  2. Hi. I'm 23 (from India) and unemployed because of covid. Though I actually do have a job (I work on the cruise in the USA) but since international flights aren't resumed, I'm stuck at home. My life has been so boring and now it's only gotten worse. 3 days ago I had an argument with my mom where I simply just stood up for myself but she got so mad at me that she called me a bitch and even hit me, leaving a bruise on my hand. I didn't want to talk to her at all because of how poorly she treated me. I do so much for her despite being the youngest in my family, I'm usually taking care of my siblin
  3. That's right... Please don't judge me 🥺😢
  4. Of course it's permitted in my country, they let us choose who we want
  5. Okay I will. I was just really confused and needed someone to talk to
  6. We live in the city and idk if I'm just convincing myself but people do date their half cousins and some even get married. But you are absolutely right, I'm just being silly and immature but I really needed some advice. I'll move on 😢😢😢
  7. It is allowed but I don't feel the same way about anyone but him. But you're right, I'll let it go, cuz he's probably just playing games
  8. But that wasn't the thread I was talking about 😢😢😢😢 idk how to add the old thread to direct you to it sorry 😢😢😢
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