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  1. Just date a bit more and keep your cool. A large percentage of people on dating apps react this way when sex isn't on the table right away. You haven't done anything wrong. The worst thing you can do is cave in on yourself and start second guessing what you did to deserve someone going hot/cold on you. Keep doing you and don't worry about what people like this. The generous read is that he got scared and became skittish enough to move on to the next person who's a little easier. He's insecure and not in a good place. His issues, not yours. The less generous read is that he thin
  2. I sort of got the feeling there's some strong pressure maybe from your culture or upbringing to show integrity by proposing or offering marriage this early. It's all lost in the text and international context here. Just leave it for now. If you both come from conservative backgrounds and you've set up against her mother or her family, you're setting both of you up for failure. Leave it the way it is and let her come to you once things smooth over with her family. It may never smooth over and that's something you'll have to figure out - whether it's worth your while sticking around.
  3. Set the example you want to see. If you want to feel validated about your POV, tell her that you see what she's saying and the value in it. Then ask her an open-ended question: what does she think about your idea? Keep it neutral and don't get angry with her for missing your point at the beginning. There's a way to talk and share differing opinions without being a bull in a china shop. Slow things down. If she still is not picking up what you're putting down and her immediate reaction is anger each time, I think what you have is someone with anger issues. Her default
  4. Doesn't sound like she's on the same page as you nor does it read like she has any interest in pursuing a future together with you. You're barking up the wrong tree here. Time to back down slowly without breaking any bones and take a deep breath. This will pass. Often when dating some or most won't give you a clear sign that over is over. She's snapping or texting you because it may be a thing she does for attention. You've read it wrong. She's not interested in pursuing a future with you or turning this into anything real. There may have been an emotional connection at one point f
  5. It's good to get support from people who are trained to help. If you have those services around you, why not? A lot of people have issues with technology in general so I'd leave it and don't overread into it. If it's a new situation, it's just new and you haven't adjusted to it. If you do have social anxiety or fear/avoid speaking with people, maybe talk with someone and address this. Also why is it a goal to find a partner? Are there other ways of handling your periodic loneliness? I'm just throwing these questions out there - maybe it'll help steer you in a new direction. It
  6. With the advent of apps and messaging I think this is just a byproduct of 21st century living. People over-use texts and it's a lazy person's way of checking in with minimal effort or thought. I do text minimally with old, old friends but it's usually either video call or phone call. I can usually suss out within one or two days what type of person a person is. I reply to texts with a call the next day. I rarely respond with a text. After a couple of times most people start to get the drift that I don't text back as quickly or respond to text messages and the faders will fade. And I will
  7. I second the comments about taking this to your doctor and speak with a psychiatrist. This was a break up for a relationship that lasted less than two years. Seek help if you have any dependency on drugs or pills. You don't have to do it alone. It's not a good idea speaking to this person anymore. Break ups are hard any which way you want to look at it and most people don't have the guts to break it off cleanly for the sake of both involved. End the communication with her and ask for respect and privacy while you put your life back together and receive the help or treatment you need.
  8. Oh yes, I used to. I was in your position once in a previous life. Keep the resentments low as that will undermine your marriage and eventually totally destroy it. You think she's being ridiculous and that's resentment. Whatever you can do to keep this emotion in check, do it. If it means being a bit more humble and taking a good look at the way you spend money yourself, that's a start. Both of you may ultimately have different goals set out in life but you both haven't talked about these yet. Ideas about retirement? Semi-retirement? Where do you see yourselves? She's offered
  9. Is there a reason why you feel you need to contact her? When I start to think or wonder about things (that I probably shouldn't be wondering about), I head back towards the center - this just means figuring out what's going on with me that I started to gravitate towards unhealthier thought patterns or wondering what's behind closed doors that I myself have closed in the past. Take a good look at your current situation. I think it might have a lot to do with why you're starting to move backwards not forwards.
  10. Ask her out to coffee and see what both your situations are. Go from there.
  11. When I signed the divorce papers I still thought about what my ex would feel and vice versa. It was very hard. I can understand that you still care for this person but it's time to put your needs and the needs of your kids first. If you feel this is best, then so be it. Take it off as you would a bandaid in a kind way and then let time do the rest. You cannot take on the world's problems. You seem to be determined and know what's best for you so now it's a matter of putting things into action. When you feel shaky and that you might falter think about what you have written here and the re
  12. You think he's overthinking and anxious. This undermines his concerns and thoughts. He thinks you need help and you need to get over something. This also undermines you. Regardless of where these anxieties and concerns are coming from both of you aren't seeing eye to eye. It's a very emotionally draining and even emotionally abusive situation to constantly have to be defensive about how or why you are the way you are. Both of you seem on the constant defense. It shouldn't be this way. If you're able to stop picking at each other or attacking each others' mental health issues
  13. She's honest with you about her episodes or outbreaks so she's vulnerable with you. What would bother me most is whether those moments become addictive or patterns of coping for her. Over time they develop into habits and habits are hard to break. It's most concerning because they're violent and destructive. The longer this goes untreated the worse it could get. Is she open to seeing her doctor and explaining this or receiving treatment?
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