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  1. My ex and met on Face book 10 years ago and we hit it off. However, after 5 months he broke it off because he felt like we don’t live within reasonable distance to support a relationship. We live 5 hours away from each other of driving distance. We still kept seeing each other because we couldn’t let go. We wanted to be together but in practice there was a great distance separating us Then he ended it again because he lost feelings, according to him. We ceased contact only for him to reappear stating he misses me then we started seeing each gain. He went cold again and ended it again for
  2. I do not enjoy the attention, I usually just find it easier to say I'm not available or don't date co workers which is true than outright saying i'm not interested in dating you. And this usually work in other cases and some men back off and leave it alone. it's not comfortable having a conversation like that for me if i don't have to, so I usually try that and if doesn't work then outright reject them which isn't fun for me. which i have to do in the case unfortunately
  3. I will stop buying his food and laughing at his comments and halt them going forward. I also want to add that he has asked me point blank if I will date him if I was single before. I told him no because I'm against dating co workers because it changes the work place environment and if something happens then you're forced to see that person and I don't want tension at work. He said he understand and see what i mean and back off for a while. Which is true especially considering that fact I've been with the company for 8 years, have build up my senority and have medical benefits. So quitting is
  4. it's big cooperation and we work in the same related departments where I have to talk to him for work related
  5. Thank you guys for your response and insights. I do agree that I'm not being firm with him and being more firm will get him to back off as he's clearly not getting the hint. However, i do not think I've encouraged him either because any contact he has tried to initiate that isn't work related I've ignored. at some point he sent flirty texts to which I ignored and he hasn't tried to contact me outside work since i never encourage it when he tried. As far as his business goes, he cooks and sells meals as side hastle every now and then usually announce it other co workers as well. so who ever is
  6. One of my co worker was married to another woman for few years when i stated working with him..Then his wife left him and is not pregnant with another man. They are divorced now. As soon as his wife left him, he started pursing me but i was not interested. So I told him that I'm not available. I was not in relationship with anyone but I was casually dating. I thought that would be the end of that. periodically he started joking saying he will wait for until I am single. after a while he would ignore the fact that I told him that I'm not single and tried to message me outside work but would a
  7. Unless he is divorced and living separately from his former wife, he's still married. Separated = still married even if he moved out. Until they have both signed on the dotted line for the divorce papers. still living at home? ?Then you're the other women plain and simple. That's the oldest line in the book
  8. When we met online, we hit it off. we met in person and the connection and chemistry was undeniable. He stayed at my flat for 2 weeks.And he asked me to be exclusive but the problem is we live hours apart. But he said we will make it work. When he return to his town, he confessed to me shortly that he slept with his ex. According to him she started reaching out to him a week when he was planning to see me and she knew about me as he told her. When he returned home she asked him to hang out and he accepted with intention of just chatting. one thing led to another they ended up having sex. h
  9. So guys you were right, Part of me still had hope that it would work out and he would be interested in going on date so I responded to his text and said "I'm alright, how about you"? just to see what he says next since i left the ball in his court. He never responded and haven't heard from him since. So now i'm perplexed why he reach out at all. I blocked his number because I don't have time for time wasters
  10. Wel, I was also curious why he would contact me when made it clear that i'm not willing to go to his house. I will not continue if he isn't willing. i thought he had change of heart
  11. Honestly, I'm confused where his head at and where he wants this go because i made it clear that i will not be meeting unless in public and if he isn't willing to meet in public, it's a big NO NO to me. He never responded so i thought that was it and i won't be hearing for him. Then 5 days later he messaged as if nothing happened and asked me how i'm doing. so i'm little confused on what he's thinking and if he willing to actually hang out in public because I'm not going over to his house anytime soon
  12. UPDATE He contacted me after 5 days of no silence..i thought he was gone. how to proceed . does this mean he wants more?
  13. Thank you guys for your insights .I just want to clarify that I did not accuse him of cheating. I basically said the person i want to get to know has to be single and willing to meet in public while we get to know each other. I also want to mention that we do chat on facebook messenger sometimes and it shows your online status and when you were last online etc.I noticed that sometimes he doesn't come online 2 days. He often goes MIA some days where i sent a message and he won't respond like a day later or 2. Then they are days when he is active and available to respond to messages. I find it
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