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  1. Thank you for replying. The reason why I highlighted her personality and traits so much, is because the way she behaved with me while were together is the complete opposite of that how she left me. Its true that she always showed her love more, was more attentive and cared more about our relationship. But this does not mean that I didnt love her, or would have left her, or that for me our relationship was not important. Lets say this would happened with me, that I would have gotten to know someone, who I would fell in love to. I reconsider thousand times at least before leaving her, I would
  2. Thank you very much for the support. I can relate so much of what you posted. Yes I had blocked her everywhere I could. Thats the most shocking thing for me: when she had a problem, or wanted something we would always sit down and talk about it. This never happened, I was never given a last chance, or an opportunity to change. She told me she is leaving, and moved straight to his teachers house from me. She closed down 8 and a half year in 2 days. There is also a great possibility that she already cheated on me before the break up.. maybe just emotionally. The shocking thing is, that this wa
  3. Thank you for responding. Yes, she was naive. She did not get the attention and love while she was a child. She didnt have hobbies and friends. She got hooked in, in this spiritual world where she was told exactly what she needed to hear: your special, you can heal people, you can make a career out of this, you can be someone. I tried so hard to make her feel good over the years. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed. I tried to give her self-confidence and show her, to enjoy life and not to constantly worry about things.. Even I know I should not, I blame myself for this. I wonder what
  4. Thank you for your response Andrina. Yes I agree that we both changed, but I believe its a normal thing for people to change over the years. If I think about people getting married and living together 40 years... The sad part is, that even she praised me that I have changed in a positive sense, that Im have better qualities than I used to have. But when she joined this spiritual course, this became an obsession for her. She did the thing that was against her character.. the complete opposite of how I knew her over the years. The most painful thing is that she chosed that world, her career,
  5. It is like a far eastern based pseudo science, which deals with energies, healing with the mind, meditations, aura cleaning and so on.
  6. Hi everyone. I decided to do my first post here, because of desperation and loneliness. I dont know who to talk to about this, and since Im not the only person who went through this, I know that some of you will understand my situation. I (25yrs) have been together with my girlfriend (24yrs) for 8 and a half years. Lived together 5 years. Beautiful times, she loved me so much, she was caring, loving, supported me in everything, enjoyed every minute with me. We had so many adventures together, nice memories. We were planning to stay together, establish a family. We already had a common house
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