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  1. Nope, actually he doesn’t. He just went on an unfollowing spree a few days ago. Unfollowed hundreds of people, he follows a few other women but kept me.....and my sister. She’s not interested.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I guess because my friend said if a man is genuinely interested he wouldn’t like the sister’s sexy pictures. Just didn’t know if that was true or or it.
  3. No we haven’t gone on dates. We’ve hung out before. In response to your mutual friends question- yes, we’ve all been around each other before. That’s why I’m asking what does that say about his level of interest if he’s liking her pictures of a sexual nature.
  4. I’m super interested in him...He likes my sister’s semi nude, boudoir, lingerie pictures? So my sister has 18k+ followers on IG. She does a lot of sexy shoots - lingerie, boudoir, semi nude. The guy in question has knows the both of us through mutual friends in the city. Anyways, he started following my sister on IG back in the summer and started following me in November. We’ve exchanged numbers and honestly, I’ve developed a really strong interest in him. He’s a really cool and interesting guy. He knows us both personally through mutual friends and knows that we’re sisters. The thi
  5. That’s the thing - we weren’t arguing. We were discussing it. I showed him the article because I’m sure he just thought I was full of it that’s why I mentioned that they’ve done studies. I was hoping to get him to understand. So you’re saying the moment he said that I should’ve just kept quiet and determined then and there to break up with him? I guess what I’m asking is what was I supposed to do in that exact moment?
  6. You mean why did I respond to him saying a boy who cries is a, “cry baby ”? So I was supposed to keep quiet and let him think that’s okay? And no I don’t come from a place like that. I don’t yell or curse.
  7. We had broken up for a 1.5 months and I had a date. Nothing serious, just tried to move on since I thought it was over. He told me to get out then too. He’s not a heavy drinker. He does have a glass or 2 of wine each night but it’s usually with a meal. I hate to bring this up but he’s a very short man, 5’3. I could be way off base but if I had to wager he has a Napoleon complex.
  8. We’ve dated for about 2 years. He has pretty bad communication issues. He recently he agreed to go to couples therapy together. The last few months have been pretty rocky and we broke up. We got back together with the plan to go to therapy. Things had been going well. We’ve spent this weekend we had a great time. Went to brunch, talked about my lease being up in may so that we could live with each other, picked out children’s names, etc. Yesterday, we had another really good day - there was a live band at the park and he pulled me in to slow dance. We get back home around 6 pm. He’s watche
  9. They broke up because they were arguing. He said they got in a big blow up and he just snapped and broke up with her during the argument.
  10. But if he wanted to be with her wouldn’t he just do it? And how they still wrapped up, couldn’t they just be friends?
  11. Yea, but if he wanted to be with her wouldn’t he just do it?
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