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  1. Thank you @purplepaisley This is so true, I did expect something deeper than a casual hookup/handout from this coworker. Also makes me think, irrespective of the respect you earn on the professional front, some men see women only one way. I haven't texted him since my last text which was to sync back in January and he hasn't texted me either. I'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks and then depending on the situation, planning to go cold or maybe ask out (if I feel terribly lonely). Discussing this with an other colleague/friend, she felt that I might have bruised his ego (he did ha
  2. @Rose Mosse , don't get me wrong, I need all that too and I'm in the same place as he is. On our drive back home I even mentioned to him that I would like to see him again. I was positive about meeting him again and was supportive throughout but just wasn't ready on that day and I'm not so dynamic. It takes time and a couple of meetings for me to get there. Moreover, his reaction seemed a little hot headed and immature. My disappointment is, he did not get that. When I texted back saying that, I enjoyed the evening, we should meet again, his response was "yeah I enjoyed going out last n
  3. Thanks @bluecastle! True, it is less about me but although last couple of years, whenever we interacted, he kept mentioning that his current GF "looks" exactly like me and I used to ignore it (because of the fact that he has a GF and I have no interest in men who have a family/GFs). They seem to have broken up a year ago and now it makes sense as to why he reached out to me out of other women he could have very well found on a dating app. Or is it I'm overthinking this situation where it is a clear case of emotion from myside and purely physical from the guy's side.
  4. It's really difficult to deal with (forget and let go). I really did have some feelings for him and was glad when he reached out. Not sure if it is a cultural thing that he wants sex on first date and see where things go. He never replied obviously after giving a vague polite reply to my last message for me wanting to meet again. Why me and why not someone he doesn't know well for a hookup?
  5. Thank you so much everyone. Yes, I feel disappointed but slowly getting over it and realising what might have been a disaster.
  6. Hello! After a few unsuccessful dating stories on the dating apps, I have given myself a good break from meeting strangers. Recently to my surprise, someone whom I know from previous work contacted me and asked if I could meet for a drink. I was glad to see the message and we did meet for a dinner at a restaurant. We chatted well, laughed about old stories etc and then he said he will drop me home but I didn't accept the offer. During our conversation, I noticed that being physical that night was on his mind but that is too early for me. I was meeting him after a year and we don't h
  7. Thanks for all the thoughts. I agree with bluecastle here, I don't think he is a player and he never came across so. He is a very genuine person and unfortunately it seems we both want different things from life (atleast timing wise) which is a risk I do not wish to take.
  8. thanks everyone for the advice and recommendations. It was really insightful as always :)
  9. Thank you very much!!!. This is a very practical and a helpful suggestion. I'll keep my options open at this point.
  10. That may be it. He really wants someone who goes with the flow and I am someone who needs certainty before moving on. We are just different people.
  11. Thank you for the insight.
  12. Thank you SooSad33, very helpful. I have to go for what I want.
  13. but then why does he say, even if he has kids he would like to take them around and show the world etc? This is confusing, if he is being really CLEAR then he should not have added this extra info?
  14. Yes, that is a good point. He did get marry young and he said he took a 2 year break after he got separated too.
  15. yes, different one. I did not proceed with the earlier one for obvious reasons and after advice from the community here.
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