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  1. Geez that’s awful. I think I just need to come to emotional terms with it because the legal system clearly failed you.
  2. Wow. That would be awful. I definitely don’t want that.
  3. I don’t want to talk or confront him directly. I don’t remember his last name clearly. So I just wanna make sure I have the right guy.
  4. Thank you for informing me. I’m also so sorry that happened to you. That’s awful. Im not sure if I’m ready for that emotionally yet. I don’t even know where to start in finding him honestly.
  5. I grew up in an abusive household. My dad use to beat me up daily. I was desperate to get out. So when I was 18, I decided to runaway but I had no way to financially support myself. I had met a guy online that said he would help me. He told me he was in his early 30s and had kids and just really wanted to help me. We met up a few times before I decided to leave with him. Then one night I left with him. He suggested we stay in a nearby hotel the first night. I agreed but said I wanted my own room. When I got to the hotel, it ended up being one hotel room with a single bed. I told him I wasn’t c
  6. I haven’t experienced that type of grief but 4 years seems like a decent amount of time. Because he will never “forget her” or really stop missing her, he’ll just get more use to the feeling. Now is he still suicidal? If not, then I’d say go for it. If he’s still deep in his emotions, then I’d just say take a step back and allow him to properly grief and maybe even get some professional help.
  7. Yeah. I definitely have to retrain my mind to think that way. Also, he hasn’t done anything to make me think otherwise. I just have to know I’m enough for him because he chose me. I think that should be my mantra. Thanks! That’s helpful!
  8. I really just like doing things with him. But yeah I make sure to tell him when I want to do a particular thing.
  9. That’s a good way to put it. I just have to accept that.
  10. He has been letting me find friends online but he’s really strict about the new men I meet which I understand and respect. One of the things he started since our argument is arranging date nights at least once a week. That way we do something he likes to do: whether it’s a board game or video game together. It’s the fact that we’re doing it together. This is something I think he finally understands.
  11. I agree. But I think people are willing to change for people that matter to them. He ultimately shut down because I was asking for a lot from him and I wasn’t considering his needs. So we talked about it and found a happy balance to where he doesn’t end up shutting down like that again. We address the issue at its core unlike all the other times.
  12. True. Like I said to Rose, I have an issue with that. Things are great now. Better than they’ve actually been in while. But my mind is so use to worrying that it goes and tries to find something new to worry about. I’m working on this with a professional.
  13. I do have bad anxiety (which I’m working on with a professional). I do this thing where things are great, I think about pass things that upset me and dwell. I’m working on improving it. So I think this is an issue on me not him. I don’t have romantic feelings for anyone else at the moment.
  14. No trust me. I’d leave. It isn’t because he’s taken the correct steps to resolving it this time. Much different than the other times. and yeah it’s a mixture of bored and overthinking I think.
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