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  1. She broke up with ex 3 days before she met me again and I’ve been told she got back on tinder to get a reaction from him 😳
  2. Yh I just realised now that I was making all the effort and not getting anything back and I feel better about it knowing I ain’t gonna get messed around anymore. someone else can put it up with her. She’s 35 years old still playing games stringing me along
  3. So been seeing a girl, we’ve had quite a few dates Led to kissing each time. I uploaded some Snapchat’s to my story, one of them was out getting food and she randomly deleted me. the only thing I can assume is she thought I was with another girl. So she got pissed off and deleted me ! She’s an older woman in her mid 30s. Another thing is she kept saying yes to seeing me again and then not arrange another time! Any chance I can savage this ? because she had a good vibe while I was with her or do you think it’s done ✅ and she had low interest? Thanks
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