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  1. You sound like an all rounder, a nice guy and I would say you did very well in this relationship, here’s a hug, chin up,🤗
  2. Thanks for the different perspectives, it’s really helped, I gave more than I should. he called last night asked why I hadn’t contacted him 🙄, said I did!!! He said “I don’t make you happy anymore” I said, “I didn’t say that” he’s said, “so I suppose it’s over then” I said, “it doesn’t have to be that way, but you called it so it’s probably for the best” “do you want to change your mind” he didn’t answer, I said good bye and put the phone down. I’m not too upset cause I’m managing my emotional thinking and as limichelle says, thank him. If he calls again, what’s best? I know he will. Than
  3. “You seem overinvested and overinvolved” This hit home to me, I was fully committed to him and maybe I’ve made a mistake! Idk, for the amount of practical and emotional investment I made, his actions and remarks now seem less than, indifferent and non caring. 👍
  4. Hey, I'm 45 and he’s 50 and we’ve been together for 3 years. The last month we’ve been bickering a lot mostly about the fact that I haven’t met his adult Children from his marriage. I have one son, 20, who he’s very close with, as he’s in my house constantly. Two days ago, we argued, he’s started 3 unreasonable arguments with me the last week btw. He broke up with me saying that he wasn’t the right man for me and that I should find someone new. I called him the following day, asked if he wanted to meet for a coffee, he said no, there were to many arguments and “didn’t think he wants to s
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