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  1. If someone, wasn't toxic or abusive but you guys fell out. Would you give them another chance and leave the past behind?
  2. yea i meant to imply that we havent talked at all during those 6 months. but it wasnt just friends, it definitely became more than that with no "label" except nothing physical. the part that bothered me is being led on without a reason
  3. ur right. I dont wanna have high expectations then crash and burn. im torn betwee moving on or seeing how things go with him
  4. he didnt cut contact. we flirted for about 6 months and we sounded like a couple. we talk everyday and every night till the morning. After him not being able to tell me how he felt when ive asked him, he said it didnt matter and brought up his past experiences. That hurt me and I acted out of line by saying "i deserve better than someone who cant say i like or i dont". he never replied and used to watch my stories on social media so i unfollowed him and removed him. it was harsh on my end but i was deeply hurt.
  5. hey, we were bestfriends for 6 yrs, developed feelings for each and i confessed. However he didn't want a relationship just yet and wouldnt tell me how he felt about me. We ghosted each other and after and hes been constantly asking and talking about me to our mutual friend. he reached out on my bday after no contact for 6 months. he sent it right at midnight which i found odd. I replied saying thank u (:hope ur doing well too. Do u think i did the right thing or I should've ignored it?
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