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  1. I'd say no? Before I moved out of my sister's house (2019), I mentioned that I wanted to have my own insurance policy. Not bundle with her. She asked me why, I'm not married yet, would I join his (bf), all sorts of questions. I didn't take my name off the policy and now I'm too scared to bring it up. Truth is, I follow her so much that it is unhealthy. I mean, I lived with her and her family for 8 years.. Part of the reason why we are so entwined is my sister doesn't have credit because of some financial trouble that my mom did to her many years ago. They are still paying it off and so
  2. What was your wake up call? My problem is that I am too scared to take leaps of faith, too scared to take chances. 🤬
  3. My partner (m, 32) and I(female, 30) have been together for 3.5 years, living together for about a year, and are not yet married. In the last 12 months (even pre-pandemic), we have fought constantly about concerns over personal space and boundaries from my family, and having trust. My personality is more lax, always doing what others want, pleasing others, dragging my feet, and haven’t really taken the time to think about my future. My partner is a doer, he’s confident, solves problems right away, and has a lot of dreams that he wants to achieve. We have never been unfaithful to each oth
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