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  1. this was a random person that proposed. i think they were for it cause he was 29 and he was already settled and the mum knew she would say no which is why she asked. i know this sounds messed up but the mum would be happy if she never found a guy. the mum only wants herself to be happy, not her daughter. she brought up her mental health, her feeling upset, etc. and the mum didnt care. she just wants her way and nothing else. this issue lies deeper than me and her
  2. Also, any advice on how i should approach her at work? we work in retail so every now and then id walk past her. im in no contact mode. should i not look at her/smile and let her approach me? or should i say hi when im walking past
  3. no, they assumed she wasnt getting married till her late 20s. also i dont think they have anyone in mind. a week before her mum found out, someone proposed and both the parents were for it. they spoke to her and she told them no. 1. she doesnt know who they are, 2. regardless who it is, she isnt getting married anytime soon. same with me. my parents have brought up someone but im not ready which is why ive said no
  4. ive met one of her sisters which she is a friend of my sister and i know her dad as well. she is a virgin and before she met me, she never thought she would be with a man (not that shes gay, just thought she would never be with a guy like that and didnt think she would be comfortable) and she doesnt want to lose me because she doesnt think she would find someone like me. from what ive gathered from the girl, the mother doesnt like me cause she thinks her daughter just settles for anyone even though we both know thats not true. so shes hating on me cause she thinks her daughter just tal
  5. Its not that simple. And theres no lame excuses. Shes called me while she was sitting in her car at 2am, cause her mum was going off at her about this situation and she was willing to sleep in the car just avoid her till her dad called her in. Her mum also followed her to the gym to see if she was actually going or to see me and was even going to come to work. Before she met me, her mum and everyone else knew that she didnt want to get married anytime soon, not until shes 27 or even later. she changed her mind after she met me. We had genuine love for each other. Im also her first
  6. I (M24) met my ex gf (F21) at work and we had a relationship for a year this January. Things got complicated when her mum found out that she was talking to me. Long story short, we agreed and wanted to marry each other in 2/3 years time but after her mum found, her mum for some reason said she cant marry me (even though she knows nothing about me. Literally nothing. Only that I work with her daughter and we had been talking for a few weeks (that’s what she told her mum to get her to calm down)). My dad knows her dad and I believe that my family can potentially make it work, even though her mum
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