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  1. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion. If possible, could you tell me how is the life of a Military spouse (like what are the challenges)? And did you ever feel like giving up? or did you ever feel attracted to someone else in his absence? did you have to sacrifice your dreams? If, so how did you overcome these problems? Your experience would be helpful for me in taking my decision.
  2. So, I (20 F) have been in a relationship for 4 years now and from the last 2 years its been a long distance relationship. My partner(20 M) is in the military and is undergoing training from the last 2 years and he has more 2 years of training left. So, as he is in his training period he is not allowed electronics which means he can't text or call or video call and he is also not allowed to come out of his training camp before the training camp is over. So, we just talk once a week for 10 mins as he gets to use the local phone for 10 mins once a week (but sometimes he calls once in two weeks an
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