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  1. I’m sad when I think of the past. I paint as a hobby, portraits, scenery and abstract art. He behaves as if he’s not concerned about the wife’s reaction or feelings.
  2. Yes, I understand but I’m attracted to him at the moment. If he doesn’t pursue I will not try to engage further.
  3. Also I’m confused because we were dancing in front of his wife at the time.
  4. I’m 52, I don’t want to hurt him or myself I feel attracted to him and I think he may be attracted to me too.
  5. He’s 56, yes I live at home. No not often, we visit each other’s places for dinner so far.
  6. He was suggestive while dancing and whispered some things but I don’t remember exactly the words. I spend time with both family and friends. I work, enjoy exercise and paint.
  7. Mostly the dancing and gestures exchanged together.
  8. We were having fun dancing, he didn’t suggest getting together, just a nice time dancing.
  9. Yes, I’m not actively looking to meet someone, this is something that just happened to me. I didn’t plan on liking him but now I find him attractive.
  10. No of the above, just dancing together during the holidays.
  11. I think of all of the above and understand all your views. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.
  12. I’m always sad and I’m always crying.
  13. It’s not a co worker, he’s a new family friend.
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