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  1. For a long time I've been floating around in life, always being wishy washy, running from one endeavor to the next after I get bored with one, I give up and move to something else. There's always just so much instability going on with me. I can just never seem to find a balance with anything.I'm unsure about myself in a lot of ways. The way I feel about myself fluctuates, for a good part of 2011 I was feeling good about myself and things were progressing, Then I lost my self esteem all over when I broke out in horrible acne a month ago. I've always struggled with skin issues but my skin cleare
  2. I know I'm still young but I just turned 25 about a week ago and this is going to sound funny, but I feel as if most of my youth is gone. I feel like at my age and up, it's the time when all of the fun dies down and you're truly entering adulthood. I didn't feel like I really lived up to my potential in my earlier years. I never really enjoyed my childhood or my teenage years while others did. I was never invited to parties, I was quite isolated and lonely and I never dated. I've never even been in a serious relationship and I felt like I really missed out on all of the fun of my youth. I know
  3. Ok I'm 24 but I've always been someone who has been a little on the slow side. It's funny, I used to be a really smart person when I was younger, In Elementary school and middle school, I made straight A's etc. But as I got older mainly in my teens, my grades started plummeting. I had a hard time focusing,listening and remembering things and my grades fell. High school was really hard for me. I could never keep up with the work and I barely made it out of high school.. I graduated with an extremely low gpa which hurted me with college. Today I'm just working and I haven't thought about goi
  4. More and more I just feel like I'm not meant to have lots of friends and family close to me. It's really a lonely feeling when you feel like no one is really there for you,understands you or cares about you. I've felt this for a long time. I'm tired of trying to connect with people and I get dead ends on all aspects, whether it's my horrible relationship with my parents,friends or just dating. I've tried to go out and meet new people but something always seems to fall apart with these relationships. I just haven't been able to find someone I connect with or find people who are genuine without
  5. For a long time I've been somewhat depressed and I really don't want to go see a doctor. I personally don't believe in taking meds for depression. Ironically I've been searching for things on meditation and learning about our bodies through chakra exercises and I've become very interested in these. However I find it's hard to stick to a routine or become motivated. All I want to seem to do lately is sleep and laying around my laptop but I do realize that I am in control of my own happiness. I think maybe clearing my mind and getting into a decent exercise routine will help me gain some perspec
  6. Realistically I've always felt like I've never belonged on this planet. I don't have many friends or anyone to relate to. I'm always categorized as being weird or something not of the norm. I'm socially awkward in a sense where I can't really relate to people and no one can relate to me. I don't feel like I've ever made a special connection with anyone in my life no matter how hard I've tried to fit in, it just never works for me. I feel more and more consumed with anxiety and loneliness everyday. My life was never special at all. I was never talented in anything, I never had a large set of fa
  7. I always complain about being lonely and not having friends but the problem is I push mostly everyone away. Someone brought this up to me but it's a deep issue I need help with. It's like it takes me a long time to open up to people, or even be comfortable with hanging around relatively new people in my life. A lot of times I exchange numbers with people and most of the time, they're initiative in contacting me, but it's like I'm too scared to make more steps in contacting them or trying to get things going. If I'm invited out to a get together, I make such a big deal out of it because of bein
  8. I really think I'm going mental over this recent acne breakout.. All of my teen years I suffered from acne really bad and it's put such a damper on my self esteem. Fast forwarding to today and the last 2 years, my skin cleared up tremendously and I was finally feeling attractive and I was actually being noticed by women. Just last month, I had a horrible break out that came out of no where and now all of that anxiety,paranoia and obsessiveness is coming back. I'm really not taking this breakout well and it takes so long for the scars to heal up. I keep looking at mirrors and I keep thinking ab
  9. I really hate getting pimples and I'm so disappointed because 2 months ago, my face was finally clearing up. I was getting comments about how good I looked etc etc and now I broke out in 3 pimples in the face that left scars. I can't stop thinking about them and I keep looking in the mirror and I feel self conscious and sick looking at them. I'm using products to help them fade but nothings working fast enough. I hate even stepping outside the house without worrying if people are looking at my skin or what not. There's one spot that left a raw meaty patch from me picking at my face and it look
  10. I so hated New Years Eve and how it ended.. Not only did I have to work the day of New Years eve and listen to customers and co-workers talk about all of the plans they had, the parties they would be going to etc etc. I really had nothing to do for New Years.After work which I got off exactly at 11 pm, meaning I had to rush somewhere, I hung out with a friend at their house who was basically a loner like me. All we did was watch music videos and watch the countdown on tv with everyone celebrating and dancing, having a good time. While it was just me and my friend in a dark house with everythin
  11. Some I've seen before and some I haven't.. I was just wondering if that phrase could also mean a sign of flirtation?
  12. Lately I've been getting compliments from a couple of random women in the past couple of weeks. Which is funny because I'm not used to flirtation, being noticed or getting any attention from women so it's kind of flattering. Lately I've noticed that when I come into contact with some women, they may smile, look me up and down and say something like you look good or you look nice. Are these women trying to flirt with me? What does that mean exactly? Are they talking about the clothes that I have on or are they just saying I'm attractive? Or are they coming on to me? That's been kind of irking m
  13. I'm so annoyed with acne!! I've always had skin issues ever since I was 13 and I had acne really bad in my teen years. It reduced me to feeling very self conscious about my looks. Now that I am older at 23, my skin has cleared up tremendously and for the first time I was feeling very good about myself. I was even getting compliments about being handsome lately and it really made me feel good. Now last week I broke out with 2 pimples on my cheek which swelled into these dark marks on my face and now I feel like crap all over again. I am so self conscious about those two marks. I keep wondering
  14. I've always been someone who wasn't quick on their feet with learning or following directions or what have you. I don't know why but I've always been a little slow at doing things.My parents always referred to me as knucklehead or slow, they do it in a playful way but I know they're serious about. Throughout life people have always said things about how much of an idiot I am. I often make mistakes with everything I do and it's so hard for me to focus and catch on to the most simple things and tasks. At my new job a lot of people don't like working with me because they know how backwards I a
  15. I really have mood swings that vary day to day. I've had this for a long time. Yesterday I felt like a million bucks, I got a new outfit and a haircut and I felt so good and confident.I really felt attractive and I was happy for the most part. Then let's flash forward to today! I feel ugly,definitely not as confident, I'm finding imperfections with my haircut and some other parts of my body, and I'm not even feeling the outfit I bought yesterday anymore.Plus it's the weekend and I don't really have anything to do so that just adds on to my bad mood already. I just wish I could feel consiste
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