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  1. The bigger question is why have you been financially supporting her for 8 years? It sounds like an unequal dynamic that is more like parent and child, rather than equals. I mean, you can't expect someone who doesn't pay for her true costs of life to have a balanced view of spending. I laughed that she'd say she'd get a job to buy the coins. As though that money shouldn't go to costs of living, like money she makes would be play money for her. She's spoiled and throwing a tantrum. But you enabled it to get like this.
  2. I know it's taboo to say this but I've reached my limit. We don't have enough ambulances to deal with our current multiple health crisis in my area. There is literally no ambulance available if you call for an emergency, you have to wait for one to be freed up.. There aren't enough beds, doctors or nurses. People's important appointments and surgeries are delayed and backed up, including an important appointment of mine. Oh yeah, and our Covid cases keep growing. We have Red Cross called in for certain areas. So why the hell are people getting pregnant during all this as though its no bi
  3. My SO and I enjoy doing casual physical activities together, it's a big part of how we spend our time together. But working out together? Lol. We tried, it was a bust. He's fine, and would happily do it, it's all me! I just don't like it, I love having that part be just me. It's not just him, I don't enjoy group or friend workouts either. Just casual shared activity with no goal achieving. It's the one place I get weirdly competitive. I will gas myself out trying to keep up, even if the other person is way more advanced in a certain area than me.
  4. Man, it is good to see you here, lost!! Happy new year to you too.
  5. Even if you were in the wrong, it would be in everyone's best interest for you to walk away. It's not healthy. You are right that we don't know the entire story. But this isn't healthy and good. A good relationship doesn't make you feel like this. A good relationship is the opposite of this in pretty much every way. I'm so sorry about your dad and what you and your family is going through. It's lower than low for him to use that against you in any way. He is preying on you being in a very vulnerable state in your life.
  6. I'm curious how many people were visiting the forum before this change? Interesting to hear it is up to 15000 a day. I'm still playing around bit by bit with getting familiar with the new forum. I agree the old threads make it more labourous trying to navigate, not that it matters what I think. I do think a lot of older members won't bother figuring it out, especially considering the timing of all this (people already maxed out on changes and energy adapting right now in the world, won't be a priority for some to slug through if it's at all frustrating to them).
  7. Just be honest with her that you have not decided if you want biological children in the future or not. This way she is free to not waste time if she sees your lack of clarity as a deal breaker. You aren't a slave to an urge, either. You just have to decide what you want.
  8. It is funny, isn't it? I like reading you write about Z. There seems to be a lot of mutual respect there, and this sense like you have found someone who you have that super important compatibility with on the deeper levels. It's game changing when you find someone who you connect with in that way. My SO and I were living wildly different lives from each other in our younger years too, but it continually surprises me how compatible we are at this stage of our lives. And I honestly think, if we had been together earlier, we would have screwed it up! We both needed our time going through ce
  9. I'll give you the blunt answer. You say you really want kids, so all the more reason not to piss around in an unhealthy relationship. It sounds really unhealthy. Here's why I think this: he treats you poorly. You are not communicating your thoughts and feelings with him freely. And no, sex shouldn't be that "hard". That's the short answer. Honestly, if you are worried about not being able to become a mom, this should be a call to freaking action. You aren't going to be able to create the healthy little family you want if you can't first figure out your end in this.. something is off. Som
  10. I was really excited to get a Frank and Oak clothing box subscription. I'd been eyeing it, but I have a hang up about spending money on things like this for myself. I love that someone just picks it out, sends it, and I just send back what I don't like. My first box I loved everything.
  11. Happy birthday to my mumsy. I miss you every day. I did all the Christmas baking this year by myself. Weird times, and do I ever miss cooking and baking with you. So many good memories you created with me of Christmas, mum. I'm grateful for it every time Christmas rolls around. Some people are reminded of sadness, loneliness, and other difficult emotions around Christmas. For me, it will always remind me of you and dad. The energy you put into us as kids, I wonder if you really knew what a huge gift that was. I carry that forever, knowing you both truly loved being parents. Remember talking as
  12. Way to go!! That is wonderful!! Very glad to hear you and your family are keeping safe. Happy holidays and merry Christmas to you too!
  13. Merry Christmas!!! ⛄⛄🎅🤶❤️
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