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  1. memories , the sadism was comparable especially the threat to family and self.
  2. The legal system is about proof not what is right.
  3. Not only that you need to have evidence unfortunately. I had no evidence either and my dad made me rip up my diary of the assaults and flush it. Also at the time there was no physical evidence. I couldn’t finish the trial ( because I had a nervous breakdown)so my Uncle walked and the charges were Stayed and he couldn’t be charged later. And I’m sure he’s going on to abuse more kids for more than 40 years. He stalked me and my family for 3 years after the trial despite a restraining order until we moved to another province.
  4. Absolutely trauma therapy is necessary for your childhood and the rest. EMDR was very beneficial to me .
  5. Again the police do that and it is up to the court whether they ask you to face him in court. I had to alone without my parents or anyone. I also was questioned by my rapist because he was representing himself.
  6. That wouldn’t be your job that is the job of the police. They would have to find him and file charges on your behalf.
  7. Being a survivor of sexual abuse myself there is no pretending it didn’t happen that doesn’t make it go away. I am sorry all this abuse happened to you. Check out the statue of limitations for the area it occurred . Be aware if you choose that road that every aspect of your life will be raked over the coals. I am not saying that to be discouraging I’m just telling you the plain truth. When I was 14 I went to court due to my uncle raping me. My parents and the police filed charges. I had absolutely no say in the matter. At 14 even every aspect of my life was dragged over the coals dow
  8. Life will be more fair when men can have a baby come out their member and stay home for 30 years.
  9. Right? The average afghan is $200 to $1000 depending on the work and materials and time needed.
  10. I will agree it is important for mothers to work. It does bring a level of social interaction too. I found the isolation difficult as none of my friends had kids and didn’t care to hang out with a screaming baby. ( my son screamed incessantly) and I didn’t want ANY sitters but my mom to care for him and she wasn’t going to do it all the time. Work was actually time to myself.
  11. I wish I could make a business out of my crochet work but no one wants to pay for handcrafted which takes mountains of work when they can pay $20 for junk at Walmart.
  12. I agree she is supporting YOUR career as well. She is not a child. She is a partner.
  13. If I was her I would get a job. Your daughter is entirely old enough for daycare.
  14. I get you I am just WREAKED after a day with the kids. I just can’t do a thing and need to sleep to even survive.
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