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  1. I hope things start looking up, Lisa. We're here for you.
  2. None of the above. It's all about him and his displays of gross immaturity. You need to understand that she's not the ring leader here, he is. along with the choices he made. With that said, it's time to ask yourself why you're being an audience to this nonsense. Why not re-evaluate this relationship and see it for what it is, rather than what you'd like it to be?
  3. Maybe he's exhausted from searching the house with the hopes of finding that ring? At any rate, it's time to decide where this is going, along with why you would accept so little. Rise above, and start raising your self-esteem.
  4. Looks like he enjoyed the ride up until you started asking questions. That apparently would be too difficult to keep up with this charade of having his cake and eating it too. Maybe it's time to raise the bar, and listen to that inner voice.
  5. This topic is clearly explained in the forum rules which you agreed to follow upon registration.
  6. Although I agree that this relationship would never work, I can't understand why this subject was brought up before even beginning to date, or at anytime for that matter. This in itself seems like middle school behaviour and rather than getting to know each other through dating, it turned into a game of keeping score. In short it started out on the wrong foot, and had little to no chance of lasting, (imo).
  7. She obviously has mental health issues which you're not equipped to handle. It would be in your best interest to begin by encouraging her to seek professional help. It's her call along with her desire to address these issues, otherwise your hands are tied while remaining on a dead end street Good luck, and choose wisely.
  8. Congrats, Lost! One of the few old-timers left here. Have a great birthday this Sunday, as well.
  9. My guess is, when you choose to remove those rose colored glasses you'll see an all together different view. With that said, you'll likely ask yourself what you see as attractive in a girl who sneaks around and cheats on her boyfriend with you? Keep in mind that if she cheats with you, she'll cheat on you. Hopefully you'll own your part in this, and make the right choices.
  10. ^ I absolutely agree with the post above. Do the right thing, and live with no regrets.
  11. Animal abuse is a strong indication of other forms of abuse, as you're now finding out. As others have mentioned you need to change your locks, ASAP, and look into obtaining a restraining order since he's already abused you physically. What you see is what you get, therefore please take this seriously.
  12. I find it confusing as to how you gave him full access to your body, yet you don't know how to ask him on a date? As to your question, I'd say he enjoys sleeping with you, but if you attempt to pursue a relationship, he'll run for the hills. Your call...
  13. You're trying to justify your reaction to his antics, which screams denial. Since when is "soliciting women online" due to stress? That's a new one. I'm sorry you're in this situation, but rather than sell yourself short, why not raise your value?
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