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  1. Well you don't have a problem attracting men but you do have a problem attracting the right type of men. How many messages do you receive a day online? Are these men you decide to reply to flashy smooth talkers? Are their profiles shallow or genuine? I agree your picker is broken. If a guy is serious and really wants a relationship he will make the effort. If he has several other women on the hook he will do what these men have been doing to you. Keep you on the line while they test drive other women. It takes zero effort to text so cut that out as much as possible. Once you g
  2. Tinydance As you may remember I grew up with alcoholic parents. One admitted they had a problem and openly said they were an alcoholic and the other thought everyone else had the problem and she had it under control. Those last 4 words are the downfall of almost all alcoholics whether they are trying to stay clean or they are a functioning alcoholic. Once they think they have it under control they are doomed. It sounds like you have been able to stop drinking for periods of time which means you can stop. Your problem is that you say you are an alcoholic but you fail to reali
  3. Make sure he is actually of legal age before you do anything. Then legally you can have sex and play video games to your hearts content. At 18 sex and video games is all he is interested in so... Your post sounds like you are bragging. You like the ego boost and the attention. Just don't think this is anything other than you trying to feel young again and him trying to bang an older woman. If it doesn't work out maybe his dad is single. Lost
  4. Thank you Looks like you need to take up surfing and golfing! The Red Cross is something I never thought of. We have a search and rescue and a volunteer fire department near me but that may be to structured for me. I wouldn't want to do something to close to my old life. Your bf sounds like he has it figured out and you are right behind him! Lost
  5. Thanks Blue I can already feel myself not pushing like I used to. I don't want to set artificial deadlines and ruin the ride. I do need to learn to let go and let things happen more, it is the opposite of what made me so good at what I did. Lost
  6. Thank you, great idea about the walk first thing. It is pretty rural here but I might see a neighbor or two. A few years ago I decided to back off on the fundraiser stuff for the charities. I was burned out but I might dabble a little with more time on my hands. Running for city council would be fun but I am too young for that yet. Lost
  7. Thank you I always wanted to take great photos but just get lucky once in a while. The new Youtube channel will have to suffice for now. 🙂 Lost
  8. All great ideas thank you I do a lot of volunteering with the disabled so that will probably increase for sure. Lost
  9. I work, worked for a local agency. Nothing nefarious I can assure can you. Lost
  10. Thank you SD Yes it has been a pretty emotional moment. What my crew and I have done all these years is pretty dangerous and I have watched over them and protected them for a long time. We are friends as well as colleagues. I plan on seeing them often. I eat pretty healthy but working and helping others on the side usually meant eating something quick and easy which as you know is not always a healthy choice. I am a good cook but cooking for one sucks but I will definitely cook more now (I made salmon and mixed veggies last night) I agree I will set a routine for exercise. Wor
  11. Thank you Chrerylyn, I am looking forward to getting back to volunteering. Both programs I am involved in were shut down due to covid but one is finding a way to do limited programs. I am a pretty active guy and I am pretty good doing things alone but it is so much nicer with others. I do love being around good people that are not selfish. Here I grow again! It is going to a fun adjustment to make for sure. Lost
  12. Thank you I spent a few hours yesterday turning the compost pile and checking the garden. Felt good not having to do it after work! I already slept a little later which surprised me, I guess my body knows already... Great advice here, I tend to set the bar pretty high for myself. Lost
  13. Thank you, my first day went by pretty fast and I didn't feel rushed to complete anything. Feels good Lost
  14. Aww thank you Cap I don't plan on disappearing, this place is good for my soul. Each response I write I learn something about myself. Thanks for the birthday wishes Lost
  15. Thank you Rose, Yes I had accomplished all I had wanted there several times over so the challenge was gone. New chapter here I come! Lost
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