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  1. It's a sad sad day when one gets to the point of believing every guy looking for a date is a rapist and murderer. How on earth does anyone date anymore? Obviously all women should be cautious but wow, immediately launching into ... "all he wanted was sex!!!! he could have raped you!!!!" spiel is a but much, (imo). I know the world is a crazy place these days, but geez, lets have a little faith - there ARE good men out there.
  2. Glad to hear it. I had a funny feeling he would be in touch, lol. I'm hoping this is a really genuine and sincere guy for you. Enjoy getting to know one another and keep us updated 🙂
  3. So it was an arranged marriage. In the culture where arranged marriages is the norm, I'm surprised that your friend thought he could convince his family to let him marry a girl he loved. It doesn't (usually) happen that way.
  4. Can't answer that question when we have nothing to work on.
  5. This is really difficult to understand. Are you saying that there is a guy who you love, and he loves you, but his parents won't allow him to marry you? Do his parents know you? Have you dated this guy? Or is it just someone you know? This sounds like it's a religious/cultural issue.
  6. I would have said something to the effect: ........"You do realise that there are about 10 million of the same colour and model car that you drive, right? ... Are you for real??" Seriously, it's hard to believe she's in her 40's.
  7. Yes, you're right. You ARE a full-on alcoholic. No doubt about it. 100% YES you are. No excuses. It's a fact which you MUST face so that you can get help, or lose your marriage and your child. What is more important to you? Drinking and being drunk, or your child's welfare? Be honest with yourself. NO, you CANNOT be a moderate drinker when you're an alcoholic. Not drinking in a pub doesn't have to mean that you'll be boring or not have fun. That's just ridiculous (imo). Ask anyone who doesn't drink. You can still have a really good time, probably even better because at least yo
  8. Simple answer - you can't. She's incredibly immature - almost acts like a sulky 12 year old brat (sorry). You already recognise this is toxic and you're right. She's showing you her true character and I can't ever imagine any sane person would stay. (I would head for the hills so fast you wouldn't see me for dust, lol). I can only highly recommend you cut your losses with her and find someone more mature and closer to your own age.
  9. Well, I think there's your answer. Doesn't look like you stand a chance (for whatever reason). At work, simply be polite/courteous.
  10. Well Marie, that's all you can do. I do hope it turns out that he was a decent guy too and gets back to you. In today's mad crazy world we need some happy outcomes. Good luck. 🙂
  11. True, true. But maybe it was the over-kill factor that spooked him, lol.
  12. For what it's worth, I'll be the odd one out and say that I don't necessarily believe that he was only after sex. I think it was the "heavy conversation" which put him off. But who knows, maybe he will contact you again.
  13. ^ Please, for the love of ..... please re-read your own words above and really absorb what you say. Cut, paste, print and stick it on every surface of your house where you can see and read it every day. These are massive red warning flags and you really should take heed. He will never change his ways. This IS who he is, and it usually gets worse the longer you're together. This is just a small taste of what you're heading into. Trust your gut feeling. It's telling you something is NOT right and whatever you do, do NOT let him move in with you. A far better thing would be for you to
  14. I get the feeling that he took your explanation/reasons for not wanting to meet at his place as you more or less telling him that you weren't really interested in him at all. I could be wrong of course, but maybe it was a little "too much over-kill"? I think if you had simply said something like "sorry, it's a little too soon for me to come to your place, but would love to continue to meet outside like we did before" and leave it at that. Probably best to leave it be now and wait and see if he contacts you again some time.
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