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  1. So…everyone here thinks that I should apologize to him and let it go? I’m afraid to let it go…what if it WAS from a girl? I met up with my boyfriend last night and we talked about it. He still swears he doesn’t know where it came from. Should I believe him?
  2. Hi everyone…I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. Last night I went to see my boyfriend after he got off work. When we were sitting together I noticed a small piece of glitter on the bottom of his nostril. Just one piece. I got upset and started questioning him. At first he wasn’t mad, but then he got pretty pissed. We are now barely speaking because of this. I told him that I wanted to know where the glitter came from and who the girl was that it came off of. He told me that had no idea where it came from and that it was definitely not from another girl. He told me
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