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  1. No offense intended. I’m still a little sensitive about words being put in my mouth after all the online political harassment over the last year. Nothing but love for all the members here. 😘
  2. Guys, I did not recommend he to say something to her. I asked him if it would make him feel better if he said something. Perhaps the lack of closure...not knowing how she feels or doesn’t feel, wondering what could be...is making him feel worse. If you don’t believe that’s the case OP, then start looking at the next option that might make you feel better. That could be ending communication with her, it could be seeking out professional help (this really is something that you should consider, but I also realize that this forum can serve as an in-between for someone who isn’t quite rea
  3. Is she seeing anyone? Would you feel better if you told her you still had feelings for her? Not in a scary way, just in an honest but brief way. “You know, I’ve never really been able to get over you. How would you feel about starting over?”
  4. I think you’ve done the right thing in stepping back from your relationship. Here’s the thing. Life comes in chapters, and some chapters you can go back and relive, but some you can’t. I will go out on a limb and say most young women (not all) are interested in finding their life partner and building a life together. That’s all well and good, I was one of those too, but if you end up being one of the young women who finds their partner at a young age, you can’t decide later to go back and try the things you missed out on, at least not without giving up your partner. Once you’ve estab
  5. Congratulations, Jibralta! I’m excited for your new beginning and I hope you thrive in your new position!
  6. So I was in a similar situation when I was in college. I really enjoyed this one particular guy, his humor, his openness with me. We could laugh for hours doing literally nothing. I also had a boyfriend, which kept me from doing anything physical with the other guy, but man I was tempted. If someone had forced me to spell out what I wanted my future marriage to look like, I likely would’ve concluded that my current boyfriend would not be my life partner. Regardless, it was important to me to be “faithful”. I put that in quotes because I realize now that while I was physically faithful, em
  7. “Stop calling me. If you call me again, I will report you to authorities.” She continues? Report to authorities, give them her phone number. She continues? Change phone number. Really not that difficult to end the calls. Although, I don’t see why it bothers you so much. It’s weird and creepy that she’s doing this. Do you see your boyfriend as someone who’s attracted to someone like that? If yes, you have bigger problems than her calls. If not, you shouldn’t give this another thought.
  8. I agree you should dump her. It’s not controlling to not want to leave room in your relationship for another guy. She’s being completely immature, self-centered, and honestly...stupid. This is how girls end up in bad situations.
  9. Don’t give up hope. Definitely seek out a second opinion. My husband had a semen analysis when we had failed to get pregnant after a year of trying. He had low count and low motility. But that’s just a snapshot, one sample at one point in time. We changed his diet, put him on some vitamins, and I did a few things to try an help as well. We had one failed IUI, and continued on trying naturally. It ended up taking us 3 years, but we finally conceived on our own and now our baby girl is almost a year and a half old. There are many stories like this out there, so definitely make some changes
  10. Two of my best friends have the same “over thinking” problem, so I understand that it’s really hard to turn that off. The biggest part is recognizing it and understanding how it affects your relationships with others. It took them a few years to really get a grasp on that, and it seems you’ve been able to do that. GREAT FIRST STEP!!! Now is the time to start working on silencing that voice of doubt and replacing it with words of encouragement and self confidence. It truly is a skill to be able to not only understand that other’s thoughts/feelings do not always pertain to you, but also to
  11. This may sting a bit, but I’m going to hold the mirror up for you and I hope you can open your mind and understand the part you played in this. 1.) 6 weeks of dating, his dad becomes ill to the point he and his mom must take care of him. That’s pretty significant, and yet you have arguments about not being able to see each other for the holidays. Seriously it’s been 6 weeks and his dad is ill. He shouldn’t be with you for the holidays, he should be with his family. 2.) 8 weeks of dating, he finds out his dad has TERMINAL CANCER. Yet you complain about photos he’s liking and women he’
  12. Just based on your responses here, I already really like you. Girl, just keep being your open minded self and the right guy will do everything to keep you. Who knows, maybe this guy will circle back around after he grows through some life. In the mean time, enjoy the h*ll out of those steamy memories, and more power to you for living your life. Keep it up! I love an unapologetically authentic woman with a good head on her shoulders. It makes me proud to be a woman too.
  13. I really hope that you sit with yourself and just really take in all the advice you’re getting here. These are pretty intelligent, empathetic, and wise people...and not one of them has told you to give this guy another second of your time. You will never be truly happy as long as you continue with him. Actually, the opposite. You will be depressed with no self esteem as long as he’s in your life. I implore you to make the hard choice, remembering that it’s only hard in the short term. In the long run, you will be so much happier. The more time you give to this guy, the more you’re prolong
  14. I think you said the right thing. I would imagine you want them to expect quality work from you. And you are human, so you can only produce quality work when your workload is at or below a certain level. Once you become overwhelmed, quality is usually the first thing to slip, followed by timeliness. Knowing when to say “no” is an excellent skill to have. Don’t second guess yourself. You seem very intelligent, driven, and far more willing to persevere than most people I’ve ever met. I can easily see that no matter what happens with this company, you will still find a way to be successful. I hop
  15. I think the only way you’re going to know is if you’re direct with her. She’s invited you to come stay with her, you could use that as an opening to ask her if she’d be interested in trying a dinner date. I realize she’s told you once that she sees you as a brother...but as time passes, people grow and change. Relationships also grow and change. You just have to find out if she’s open to that sort of change in your relationship. She may not ever see you that way, but there’s always a chance that she could. And you have to be honest with yourself about how you might handle the situation if
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