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  1. We've been together for about 7 years now. We got married about a year ago, both found jobs three months ago, finished school etc. We used to live with his mother now we have our own apartment, a new car that works haha, and things have been nice. Generally we joke around a lot and rarely argue. I dreamed for 7 years until we can finally be financially able to live alone together and not struggle to maintain a broken car, walk around in mu undies at home haha and romp around the apartment. His new job is getting out of hand. He works 60 to 70 hours per week. With commuting another hour and a h
  2. it's only $55 more than I was getting when I was on unemployment. So I then was not motivated to work the rest of the day and didn't want to talk to anyone at all. Not only that, I also discovered that medical is not being taken out yet since I have not exceeded 90 days which the check will be even lower in 60 days, But I then decided to look from a mature perspective and realized that unemployment was coming to a end anyway on Jan 20th which means I had to take this job. And I should feel lucky that I was able to find a job so close to home back after being unemployed for a year.
  3. I've been getting to know this guy for 2 years on and off. Let's call him Andrew. The first year we got to know each other at school. Then he moved to another country with his parents. I didn't think we would ever date, so I started getting to know someone else. Things didn't work out with that guy. Now I've been talking to Andrew romantically for almost one more year. He got a job so he could make enough money to move here. I'm honestly not that interested in him. He has all the qualities I want AND he's hot, but he has no personality. I know having a personality isn't important, but I just c
  4. Hello, I have been divorced from my ex wife for almost 9 years now. The break up went OK. I went to Iraq with the army and she went home and that was it. After I got back from Iraq she wanted nothing to do with me, so I got a job back in Iraq and spent 5 years there. I got a minor injury there, which was a wake up call, so I got out and got myself a nice job that I love and my life back together. I am married and have a daughter now. Love my Life. I Really did love my ex wife, but to the end I was unsupportive, and was not going anywhere. I just didn’t know what to do. I sent my exwife a fa
  5. So I've gone out on 2 dates with this guy and our 3rd date is scheduled for tonight. Our first date we met at the restaurant for dinner and then he drove us to the live music venue. He offered to pick me up, but we don't really live near each other and I was coming straight from work. In my opinion it didn't make sense for me to leave my car at work or to drive all the way home so he could pick me up, so I just said I'd drive myself. I did think it was nice of him to offer however. Then our second date we were having dinner at a restaurant and going to a comedy show that were both muc
  6. Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this. Background: I've been with my wife for 13 years, married for the last 8 of them. We met when we were both 19. We are now in our early 30's with no kids (her choice, not mine). The problem: About nine months ago I returned to college to finish my degree. In my same degree program was a woman, a year older than me. She is very likable and has a very welcoming personality. I enjoyed working with her for the first few months and didn't feel much. Then we started having drinks before class, every once in a while just the t
  7. Ok here goes. I have had a quite a hard time in life, sexual abuse that lasted 5 years. Looking after my mother who died from cancel and my dad who then developed dementia, (I am an only child with very little support from the rest of my family). This has lead me to have anxiety issues and sometimes I just think too much about things and panic. It seems to be getting worst since my dad got sick, not sure if it is just too much stress. I haven’t let this stop me and I am a strong person and have managed to have a successful career as an accountant. I am 33 and always seem to have problems w
  8. Hi all. I have posted my entire situation on another topic. Long story short, we had affair and agreed to leave partners and get married. I divorced she kept finding excuses why she cant so after 14 months of waiting I said either me or him. She decided to stay in marriage so I left and asked to be complete NC so I can move on. Five weeks passed since then without seeing or hearing her. We work together, btw. Today I had to stop by her office to see colleague working in same office. When I entered her face turned into huge smile but I did not even look at her. I just said hi to others and
  9. I will try and cut this as short as I possibly can, but I am having problems with a 'friend' of mine (both 28 years old) and I am wondering if it is time to cut the ties and move on. I have been friends with this girl for almost 10 years now... but lately I havent been 'enough' so to speak, she is always on the lookout for new friends and will easily ditch me to try and make friends.... for example. She met this new girl and went for dinner at the local pub which I always went to (and she didnt like mind you) with her and I had rang her and asked what she was doing, she said she was havig
  10. We have first met in Dec 2009 and hung out nearly every day for a month. I than went away for work for 4 months and we spoke nearly everday for that time. I considered that we were a couple and showered her with gifts ect. We than started being a couple towards end of 2010. We were both married but I had been seperated since 2007 but just never got around to getting divorced, I was a bit lazy and considered it over. I also than discovered she was also married but could not file for divorce because it had not been over 12months seperation. I was a little annoyed she never told me straight aw
  11. I've been trying so hard not to blame myself for the relationship ending, but I keep going back there. I try to put the blame on him because he walked away, but I feel like I wasn't enough for him. I still have this hope that he will call me and want to work things out. How can I let all this go? Is there a chance he is still the right person?
  12. I'm a 28 year-old female ready for something new in my life. I believe I might be an alcoholic. Every time I drink, it is to the point of blacking out and arguments that I never remember. I don't like who I am when I drink. I've made a fool out of myself one too many times at the local bars. The problem is, every time I try to give up alcohol my friends try to talk me into drinking again. They tell me I haven't done anything worse than anyone else and it's no big deal. But it is. I am out of control and nobody understands how embarrassed, regretful, and helpless I feel for days after a big nig
  13. Hello all, My boyfriend was a pack a day smoker for 15 years, when we started dating he decided to quit to save money and his health. He quit smoking over a year ago. Now I found out that he is actually doing it at work behind my back (im not sure how often) When I confront him about it he lies straight to my face. Im more upset with the lying. We do have an age gap(hes older) and I feel like that right there could mean his health(and probably life) will go before me but with the addition of smoking that will only speed up the process already. My father died in October and seeing my mother alo
  14. So my gf and I split last night after 2 total years together, we previously dated for about a year, moved in together, broke up for 5 months dated other people and got back together for another year till last night. It was IMO the same reason as last time we broke up. She got a new job, was working a lot of hours, stressed out, unhappy with where her life was and wanted to change everything, including me. At first I was hurt, but now I'm not sure how I feel. On one hand we made each other happy and had very similar values, goals and dr
  15. I'm a 29 year old guy and I feel my life hasn't progressed since my early twenties. I've been in my job for 8 years but there's been a lot of changes over the past year and I've completely lost all interest. However I'm afraid of regretting it if I leave. The job just isn't what it was any more despite me still earning reasonably well. I half-heartedly applied for a few jobs late last year and even attended an interview but I knew I didn't have the guts to take the final plunge. Not only work...I've been lodging with a friend for a few years years now simply because it's been easier &
  16. I've been dating this girl for a few months now, with being more serious since the beginning of the year. We've never had the being exclusive talk, but we see each other nearly every day, spend most nights together, etc. For Valentines day she gave me a framed picture of the two of us. I told her I would put it in my office at work and she was really happy. So my question is, and mainly to women; what does receiving something like this mean? I assume it's good...
  17. .....she really drives me insane with her constant texts to him and inane drivel. THey have 2 kids otgether, I get on great with them and I know which boundries not to cross, they are the parents after all however we live together, the girls stay with us rotating weekends and at least 1/2 nights per week. My issue is not the fact she texts him re the girls, she can text / call til the cows come home as long as its about them but its inne bullsh** which I cannot tolerate. She is manipulative and it was noted she was stealing from his accounts, transferring cash accross and it was large s
  18. deadtotheworld

    so done

    My name is josh... I have been battling depression since I was 15... im 27 now... well I haven't really thought alot lately about much else than suicide... im a divorced/engaged soldier who up and decided I just couldn't do it anymore... im a weak person and have had nothing but problems since I joined... I have been blown up and since then my medical problems just kept rolling downhill... I have shattered my arm had two inguinal hernias a tumor in my foot my knees dont want to work and im constantly in pain... enough of the physical how about the mental... I was married for four years and was
  19. I've recently started having sex with my ex-girlfriend again. I'm 24, and she's 22. We were together for 4.5 years, broke up mid-December, started talking again mid-January, and we've had sex three times since talking again, on the 1st, 3rd, and 10th of this month. And although things are "supposedly" over at this point, I know the option is always there. She's even told me so, although she thinks it's for the best that we don't. I talked to her on the 11th, because there's been another guy in the picture for her. She's only been seeing him casually, but she'd been acting kinda weird about
  20. After a terrible incident at work in which I was overworked and then shouted at and blamed for something I'd never done ( and things like this had been going on for months ), I started to cry at my desk and got really upset, for about 1 hr and I am now off work resting and going to the doctor's later, I will be handing in my notice for May and I've already had some job offers There is a girl I go for lunch with at work and we've also met in the evenings outside of work for drinks but she's always pretty moody and weird and a few weeks ago, she yelled at me when I went to help her with a new
  21. So Iam in some desperate need for advice, some words from the wise that can relate. Im a 19 year old girl. And I spent four years dating a guy. Recently, a few months ago, we broke up. Its been about 8 months now. And I still cry about it. What happened was, he came from an extremely dysfunctional family. We dated from when we were 13-18. His parents used to beat him bloody all the time. They refused to buy him clothes, food, shoes, school supplies. So for awhile my parents did, then when I turned 16 and got a job, I did all that for him. Anytime his parents beat him, Id go get him, and many t
  22. My life is very easy compared with many others, but everyone's personal hell is a little bit different. Mine involves mundane loneliness, bad memories, and a static lifestyle. I'll try to keep it short. I'm 24, just about to finish my Associate's in Engineering (late student, I started at 23 and with the help of summer classes and placement testing have been able to finish in about a year and a half) and am transferring to university in the fall. Going back to school has been one aspect of a big "self improvement" plan that has also involved going to the gym regularly, learning a secon
  23. Ok so I've been talking to this woman for a few months now and I felt like we were getting closer. We haven't met yet due to distance and it's probably a bit too soon given how far away we live from each other. Anyways, we usually talk every day for at least a few hours on Skype and on a game we play, but for the past 2 days she has gotten on really late. She usually gets on around 2 my time or 5 her time sometimes 6 her time. But for the past 2 days she has gotten on at around 9 her time. The first day it happened she said she got on to see how I was doing before she goes to sleep and told me
  24. So there's a girl I met at work who I really am interested in getting to know better and being good friends with. She's into acting at the University we both attend, speaks a foreign language, sings and plays guitar, and is artistic. All in all, I was very impressed. We went to lunch and so forth and had a good time, she told her coworkers that she's be interested in me if I'd come out of my shell, so I'm guessing things went alright from her perspective. I texted her one day insisting we spend more time together (on a platonic basis- it's all I want) and she later called me that day and
  25. First things first, i'm 16 years old, and am in my final year of school before i move onto Sixth Form. For the past year now, i have had a crush on a teacher at my school. he has only taught me for 2 years, but in that time we have grown extremely close and become great friends. It started out as just a crush: he's very attractive, good looking, funny and caring. We spoke in lessons, had a laugh and smiled if we saw each other around school. he always looked out for me. Then we became a lot closer. We began chatting around school, takign the mick out of each other in lessons and having real
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