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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I thought it would be a good idea to get some other opinions... So I've only been married for 3 months and we're very happy and in love. My husband's work has sent him to complete a project in another city about 2 hours away, so he's only with me during the weekends. Even when he is here, he's focused on studying for a licensing exam that he's taking tomorrow. I'm trying my best to be understanding and to remind myself that it's only temporary but I can't help but feel lonely and frustrated. I mean...we're newlyweds! I don't want to blame him for this because
  2. So, my boyfriend checks my phone (not religiously, but here and there) I'm not allowed to have a passcode on my phone without him knowing the passcode even though he's allowed to have one. His reason is bc he's always had a password and when I got with him I didn't have a password on my cell so why do I want one now? He gets jealous and makes comments if I wear leggings to work, if I don't anwser my cell at work he will accuse me of cheating or caring more about work than him and sometimes leaves me voicemails calling me names or saying hell kill me and whoever I'm cheating with. I quit my las
  3. I ended this relationship a year ago. I've moved on with my life. I blocked him everywhere and did whatever I could to limit any access he had to me. But, unfortunately we (kind of) work together. I say kind of because we are both vendors who work the festival circuit. So no we don't work for the same company, but we both work at a lot of the same events. We are both business owners. Our businesses are not in any way affiliated with each other. And we are not in direct competition with each other either. I'm a mixed media artist. What he sells is something completely different. (
  4. **NO JUDGEMENT PLEASE** I feel like I’m in a pickle. In June of 2019 I began a relationship with Geo. I met him at a part time job I was working at. He is a trucker. The chemistry was immediate. He told me he was separated and about to divorce. He told me not too long after we were dating that his wife and himself still lived together. He continued to say that he planned to divorce her. It is now a year and a half later and he is still married. If I bring up the situation he denies that he ever planned to divorce her. He has blocked my number before and earlier this year he ghosted me
  5. Thread continued from here Hello everyone at eNotAlone, I suddenly had a great idea...( scary huh? ) Let's start the SuperDave 71 NO CONTACT CHALLENGE... Here are the rules: 1. When you accept this challenge, post here and your time/date stamp will be recorded for accuracy. 2. No Contact will be initiated for ONE MONTH from the date that you post. This mean NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER...and I mean NONE. (Including going to picture sites and myspace/or like sites) 3. If you work with your ex, you can still accept the challenge. You cannot do ANYTHING to contact your ex UN
  6. Hi. My ex recently broke up with me. (2.5 months long relationship) The reason at first was that she felt I was too interested in the relationship, that the relationship was mostly one sided from me. She said that she doesn't have time for a relationship right now, that she wants to focus on her studies and herself and she doesn't have the time or the capacity to work on the relationship because it would be too pressuring for her. She said it was more about her than it was about me. The next day of the breakup, I was frustrated, I really missed her and I didn't want to lose her jus
  7. HI everyone, Its a little long so bare with me. Sorry I need to get this off my chest So I moved to another country (Dubai) when I was 23 and worked for a financial brokerage. It was a very competitive male dominant environment. One of my biggest reasons I moved abroad from the UK was because I just broke up with my long term boyfriend and he completely messed me up. Mentally I was just so broken I had to start over again. Of course this wasn't easy, when I started working in the new country and job I faced working with a nasty girl who was very jealous and constantly made my life he
  8. Profile 26 yo, African American Male, 5,10, Athletic Build, interfacial Relationship. Hello Everyone, I'll keep my name anonymous incase the post goes viral. Long story short I'm having some relationship issues. These issues derived in earlier this year with the lost of a Job. I had my own place, and my significant other still lives with her parents (which bums her out from time to time). With the lost of my job I had to give up my apartment, because COVID made unemployment impossible to receive. So, I ended up moving in with her and her parents. Now, initially I thought this all t
  9. So....alittle background. My current girlfriend and have been together for about 7 months now. There is this guy she worked with and well....I didn’t think much of him. Kinda a and really creepy at some points. But never thought he was bad. The story: Today I was writing a paper(where both in collage) on her laptop. Well as I was writing it....Skype opened up on her computer. Nothing out of the ordinary, was gonna just close out of it and work from there. Well I see a whole bunch of messages to /from this guy (the guy above) and it looks like she’s cheating on me. There’s flirting in
  10. Warning this is going to be long but I need advice and the only way to get it is to explain everything. I have been trying to figure this out on my own now for going on 2 months but I still stuck at a fork in the road. To start at the beginning, 3 years ago. Sept 2017 I met my fiancé on POF we met in person and he was everything I ever wanted. He was helpful on the ranch from day one. Never complained, my family loved (and still does love) him. He’s tall and handsome. Everything I was looking for in one package. But something was missing. We started dating Oct 2017. Nov
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first time consulting the internet for relationship advice. So bear with my brevity if there aren't as many details as there should be. Anyways, I have been in a relationship with a girl now for about 3 years. I proposed to her January of this year and everything has been going fantastic. Just a couple months ago, she met my mom's side of the family and we had a blast (we are currently long-distance). However, I started to be complacent with little things in the relationship. I wouldn't respond to all of her messages, I wasn't the best listener, etc
  12. I know this is a long post. I’ll put a TLDR at the end for anyone who doesn’t want to read the whole thing (TLDR=Too long, didn’t read.) I have OCD, clinically diagnosed. I was in therapy for about 5 years until very recently when my therapist retired. A lot of people don't understand this disorder. People think it's all about cleanliness, even numbers, etc. I suppose it is that for some people but not for me. Intrusive thoughts are more my thing. So anyway, back in 2006 I had the worst episode of anxiety/depression of my life. I was married at the time and I kept having dre
  13. Think big... like powerball money, over 100 million. For me, this is what I would do. -Pay off my house, my Mom's house, and my brother's house. -Set aside some money for a college fund for my nephew. -Hire a financial advisor/broker to help me invest some of it. -Start a scholarship fund specifically for visually impaired people who want to go to art school. (I'm legally blind in both eyes and I have an art degree. It's possible.) -Donate anonymously to the Art Center here in my town and to the no-kill animal shelter here. -Take my girlfriend shopping where
  14. Hi all, I've been single for almost a year now, focusing on my second year of college but really missing having a girlfriend especially going into winter. The gym I go to recently opened back up so I started going again. I normally go in the early AM where there is really only older people, which is unfortunate for my dating dilemma but I guess is good as it allows me to focus on working out. I feel like girls and gyms are a slippery slope though, I see many posts online of women complaining about men at gyms always staring at them and trying to hit on them, with that in mind, I always go out
  15. One of my co worker was married to another woman for few years when i stated working with him..Then his wife left him and is not pregnant with another man. They are divorced now. As soon as his wife left him, he started pursing me but i was not interested. So I told him that I'm not available. I was not in relationship with anyone but I was casually dating. I thought that would be the end of that. periodically he started joking saying he will wait for until I am single. after a while he would ignore the fact that I told him that I'm not single and tried to message me outside work but would a
  16. Okay so me and the girl I thought I was going to marry broke up about 3 weeks ago. We were together about a year. She is 20 and I am 24. We met at church and we both have strong Christian values. We have never done anything sexual with each other and didn’t plan on doing so u til marraige. Things started off great. But this damn thing called Covid happened and I was basically out of work for 6 months. I was still getting paid but I was just bored. Long story short I basically became very needy and started for attention and validation. I didn’t have any relationship with my own family and I
  17. Hi everyone hope you are well. So for the past 8 years I lived abroad with my Aunty and Uncle. We worked for the same company and I worked under them. Part of my work contract was they had to pay for my accommodation. But as were family and they live in a huge villa I lived with them rent free - technically saving them money. So of course I'm very close with my aunty (my mums little sister) we all get along etc However she is an alcoholic and very lazy and due to drinking everyday her memory her judgement is all out the window. She also is a huge recluse as she'd rather sit in bed t
  18. Me and my partner were together on/off for 11 years ,we knew each other previous to that but he was married and i was in a long term relationship which when both ended we got together he moved in and it was good for a few years until i found out he was cheating with someone from work (he worked nights in a hotel) at that time, so he ended it and didnt talk to me for 6 months until one day i bumped into him near where i lived and he said the feelings were still there so we got back together eventually he moved back in but the trust on my part was shattered even though he tried to gain my trust
  19. Hey everyone! I was seeing/talking to someone for the last 3 months. He started getting distant and then told me he was too busy with work to pursue anything further. I always knew he was busy with work and never pushed to hangout, but now I'm worried that made him feel like I wasn't interested. Should I reach out to him and let him know I am into him and don't want things to end? We haven't talked in about 2 weeks and I hate it.
  20. I'm a guy, 32, and I've known this girl for four years. I consider her my best friend. She'd been in a relationship the entire time I've known her, and I've never been "pining away" or hoping for an opportunity some day. I've just been enjoying our friendship, and in fact, over the last couple years, I had become buddies with the guy she was with. But, their relationship recently ended, and he has moved away out of state. And that's gotten me thinking, and I've realized that I actually really like this girl, and would like to potentially explore more. But, I understand situations like this
  21. I'm writing this after 9 months of what I consider the most painful break-up I've had. As much as I have tried very much to focus on myself, my interests, and my career, I can't seem to shake this intense feeling of grief for the past 4 months almost. I've experienced loss in my life, but nothing compares to the pain I've felt after this breakup, because he's still somewhere, out there and I have to live with the fact that he chose to act the way he did for the entirety of our relationship. What hurts most is the fact that I discarded myself and disrespected my own boundaries by accepting
  22. . I started dating a man in August , the first 2 dates were amazing , very romantic , third date we went to watch the sun set and then he took me to his house . There I was very transparent with him and shared every thing about my past relationships ( have been in 2 abusive marraiges ) also my last relationship was not a relationship that I was manipulated by a coworker ( saying he wanted a relationship which after that just became more kind of using for sex and he basically said we were just FWB ? I left that job and stared BTO and some inner work . Also I told him that I always had to lo
  23. I am a 30 year old woman and I messed up everything in my life. I was in a 10 year relationship that ended nowhere. He was too lazy and not a reliable man , no job , no intention to become a responsible person, yet i never ended it sooner because i was too emotionally attached and waiting for him to change. So i finally ended it in 10 years cos there were no sings of change (yes it was my call). 2 years later and now he has a job , he changed and become all the things i needed him to be earlier and ofcourse he is with someone else while i am a train wreck. I feel devastated , he never tried f
  24. Ok so I just want to say, my wife is tattoo friendly and I already have a tattoo. I have a video game related tattoo already and she has known for years that they have been a huge part of my life and my social development. An artist that I follow on Instagram posted in their story saying they wanted to do a super Mario related tattoo for free and asked who was in. I messaged them as a shot in the dark (this was two hours after they posted and I was sure it was gone) and I won it. They messaged me and asked if I wanted a blue shell tattoo and I said “I would love that!” My wife was already in b
  25. Hi there Well this has been an ongoing issue hence the reason why this is starting to get to me. I know this has annoyed others who i have worked with as i work in a notorious y profession. Well I just hate it when i am saying something to someone and they stare at someone when I am saying it like I am stupid. Like today, i was telling someone my view on something and the b*tch i can't stand just stared at him like i am stupid or something. Thank god she is leaving in 4 weeks. I do have low self esteem and confidence and i am working on it but i hate this passive aggressive behaviour. L
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