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  1. Something I haven't written about here is that I've been an alcoholic since I was a teenager (I'm 36). Alcoholism runs in my family. My Mum's brother and Dad's father were alcoholics all their life. However I wasn't close to them at all and hardly knew them. My Dad literally never drank because he resented his father's drinking. My Mum hated her brother for his drinking and drinks very rarely and minimally. I started drinking as a teenager because I guess it's a big part of young people's culture here in Australia. Straight away I seemed to have an addiction to it (maybe genetic) and it's
  2. I was sexually abused by my older brother when I was a child. From what I recall, the bulk of the abuse took place when I was 6 to around 11. However I do remember he tried to do it again when I was 12, and at that stage, I knew it was wrong, and managed to get away. He is five years older than me. I think my mother knew what was happening. I once kicked in the glass front door in a temper when they left us alone and she asked me "do you be alright with him here by yourself". The abuse has shaped my life in many ways. For years, I identified as lesbian. It's only over the last few years I
  3. The abusive alcoholic Its been a while since i’ve been here but i need help. Im suffering as the guy i’ve been with for a year has been awful to me. Im embarrassed and ashamed. He is a functioning narcissistic alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge it. He says he drinks to relax. Well large bottles of straight liquor a day to me is not relaxing as one glass of wine is. He”s an angry drunk too. He refuses to spend time with me now, has poor hygiene won’t tend to his foot odor, won’t brush his teeth, spends only about 2 minutes in shower so he never really smells good, has verbally abused me
  4. I've always known I had issues with things like depression and anxiety, but after turning 25 recently it hit me how dysfunctional I am in general and I'm not sure what the best steps are to take to get help. I grew up with an alcoholic narcissist mother (father wasn't there much) and she sent me away to a wilderness and boarding school program at age 16. After getting out at age 18 I didn't know how to adjust back to the real world and started smoking weed all day every day. I also started stripping as I had issues keeping other jobs and focusing in school due to my addictions. It's now be
  5. We talk here and there, nothing major, a text convo or phone call every month or so. Talked to her last time off, I knew she had gone to rehab, a while back. She went to a live in rehab center down in Fl for her alcoholism, got sober on November 26,2018 and has remained so ever scince. I’m as proud of her as I can be. Just wish it would’ve happened while we were together, if so we may have had a different ending.
  6. Hi all, So a couple weeks ago my ex basically just got her uni friend (a guy) to pick her up and not seen her since. She lost her licence to drink driving. It was a very toxic/coercive control relationship from her. Insulting me, what I wore, saying I have no friends, my family hate me. Would split with me briefly and one time tell me she slept with someone and how he ed her real good. That hurt so bad. She's an alcoholic but doesn't think she is, has depression and bad anxiety. Craves attention from guys. Needs so much love due to not a great childhood. Would threaten to kill herself. A
  7. My girlfriend and I have dated for about two years. When we started dating I was aware that she enjoyed drinking alot of wine. During the past year she has increased her drinking. She drinks about a box of wine every afternoon now. She has started to let her hygiene go. She doesn't shower everyday. She goes to sleep real early sometimes. I assume because she is too drunk to stay awake. She has also started neglecting parental duties to her 5 year old. The child doesn't show her any respect and she doesn't discipline the child. Some nights she will have a "movie night" in bed so that she can dr
  8. I don't drink alcohol. For whatever reason, I never started and I don't have any plans to start anytime soon. Is not drinking a deal-breaker for you? I don't mind if other people enjoy an alcoholic beverage on occasion. I don't mind hanging out at a bar if that's where people I care about want ot hang out. I don't do anything to make anyone uncomfortable but I've been told that the simple fact that I don't makes people feel judged. Should I feel limited to people who don't drink if I start dating?
  9. Hello all. After many posts/threads concerning my relationship, I have finally reached the end of it and am not looking back. We are both 23 and an incident that happened Saturday confirmed that this is the right thing to do. A month prior, we went out and he got really drunk to the point of acting obscene in public (cursing loudly and even leaving me by myself as he walked away 1 something in the morning). The same thing happened Saturday except this time he actually put his hands on my arm aggressive repeatedly telling me to shut up and even threatening me to drive drunk and he threatened to
  10. I am so low I have lost everything I never had a happy life, infact I think I was delusional and now im sinking so low that I feel so lost I had few friends and the ones I did have - I lashed out at They are all gone now except for a few of those that have took pity on me However, they live 500 miles away from me I ran away at the age of 27 and started hanging out with new people which was exciting and fun At the age of 28 I even met my first ever bf With total belief I thought I could better This beautiful man. Kind, focused and who had a plethora of friends I be
  11. Hello, I was in a business trip. During dinner in a restaurant, I met a girl with a group of business folks. She offered me her business card. We exchanged professional, cordial emails few times. Then six months later I went back to her town. I emailed her and invited her for a dinner. She accepted it promptly, very motivated. Girl seems to be a professional, good looking, good shape on her early 30's. I know where she works. Very good conversation and according to her linkedin profile well educated. When we left restaurant, we exchanged kisses. During dinner she tells me that
  12. For a while now my dad has been a rather agressive play fighter. He'll do things like hit me with remotes or punch my leg till it begins to bruise. He is also a big alcoholic and when he's drunk he becomes more 'playful' and begins hitting me more. I don't know if this should be considered okay or not. Am i overreacting? Please tell me what you think. I forgot to mention that i always tell him to stop but he continues to do it anyway because he enjoys it.
  13. It's been a while since I posted here. I turned to this site years ago when I was going through a relationship breakup and found it very helpful. I find myself now in a situation where I have absolutely no control over and release and healing seems impossible. My father is an alcoholic and has been since before I was born. There is a lot to say about this but I'm not going to go into too much detail. But my heart has been broken over the years with constant disappointment, shame, fear and resent. For the past couple of years I have deeply resented my father, to the point where I would say I
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm happy to find this site. Today I begin NC Day 1. I had 8 days and then OF COURSE answered the phone one day, and OF COURSE things that were already bad got 10x worse. I'm breaking up with an alcoholic after 3 years. His condition has taken him to rock bottom, blackouts for days. I drank with him for 2 1/2 years, I quit 6 months ago. It's the healthiest, hardest thing I've ever done so it's killing me that this breakup is killing me! I feel like a hopeless codependent, my head knows what's right but my heart is smashed. I can't stop crying (and then accepting that I'm crying ov
  15. My ex drinks wine everyday. She drinks 3/4 of a bottle of wine per night, every night after work....the "normal size" bottles, not the larger "soda bottle size" . She buys her wine 5- 7 bottles at a time.....and goes to the liquor store at least twice a week. On weekends, she'll start to have a glass of wine around 2-3pm, and drink until she falls asleep ( passes out) on the couch. Same deal after work, just in a shorter time span - home by 6;30 - passed out by 9:00 most nights. She is no longer my problem, but i still have deep feelings for her and worry about her over all long t
  16. Well two days into what i thought would be the best summer of my life--because I'm not living alone and would be able to spend more time with the only girl I've ever cared about and who I'm closest with in my life--she calls me and tells me its not gonna work because she's going to be with her and her brother's alcoholic liver cancer-having friend who has less than a year to live. I'm completely lost right now I don't know how I'm going to go on without talking to her. As bad as that hurts it wouldn't hurt nearly as much as talking to her while I know what's going on. She assures me she'l
  17. I wasn't sure if this is where I should be posting this but oh well. What makes a person an alcoholic? Friends and I are debating this and we are stuck. I say if it interferes with your daily life (work, family, friends, relationships) then you have a problem. What about having a couple drinks a night? two or three? Is that considered excessive? Normal? My parents have a few glasses of wine a night but I don't think that's a big deal. Opinions?
  18. Hey everyone. So for a while now there is this girl that i've started making small chat at her work place. I was talking to her tonight, and she said that last night her dad was drunk etc. So I asked if he was a heavy alcoholic, she said no he's a steady drinker..hmmm. She told me that her dad years ago was attacked and now its left a permit mark on his emotions and he drinks, I asked if he gets violent to others, she said no just to himself. This got me wondering, does anyone know of someone who's a steady drinker? If so how often do they drink ? And can they keep a steady life ? Than
  19. I am the autistic son in the thread (Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism), anyways here is my problem: My dad drinks, every night. And every time he drinks, we fight. I try not to fight, i really do. But when he asks a favor of me, I do it for him with no questions asked. But when I ask him for a favor (Financial or otherwise), with a promise to pay him back, he gets extremely upset. He usually storms off at the end saying "There you go, arguing again" when I say something that contradicts what he thinks/says to me. for example, he could say the sky is green, and I could
  20. I just have a few questions. What made you become an alcoholic? Was it low self esteem primarily? And after going through therapy to fix your self esteem, did you depend less on alcohol?
  21. Hi, I have been with my boyfriend for a year now and I am slowly starting to think he has some sort of drinking problem. He is 34 years old and all he wants to do on the weekends is go to the bars. He gets mad if I ask him to go to dinner and a movie on a friday night and if I end up convincing him to go, he complains the whole time and wants to go to the bar after the movie. And when we go to the bar, he is the drunkest person there no matter what. He drinks beers really fast and if I ask him to stop for the night he keeps going anyway and always ends up getting to the point where he stumbles
  22. Hello ppl, I am a guy of 24 years. I am a musician but currently I am jobless. I was in a relationship with a girl for 8 months. When we met a year back I had lied to her about my financial situation and future since I was basically clueless what I will do, and really didnt consider that a big deal because most conversations were on phone and i was drunk dialling. Yes, I feel very shallow for doing that. But actually I was feeling very lonely. But as fate might put it we fell in love and started seeing each other. It was good for the first 6-7months because I had money from my Aunt who had lef
  23. Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend for who he is. I just can't understand why he does some of the things he does. Maybe it's an issue with me, maybe there's a communication failure between the two of us. I'll let you help me to figure that out. As of now, he's 23, I'll be 23 within 3 weeks. This is us. We're both nerds. He's a math/science guy, I'm an arts/music girl. We have a lot of cross over interests. We met online through an MMORPG in late 2006/early 2007. We've never really had any fights or arguments. Yes, there have been disagreements, but we sit down and talk them out or w
  24. so here`s my love story, I will try not to drag it out too far. back in 2007 I was going through a breakup of a long term relationship. I had always been shy and had anxiety, though I never really addressed it until this year. when I found out my ex had a new man I used alcohol to ease the pain. Well, with anxiety often comes addiction. I spent 8 months sitting alone drinking a case of beer per night. I was content alone, I was over the ex, but had become an alcoholic. I had many sexual flings, they did nothing for me, so I opted to be alone. Out of nowhere, a beautiful, kind 19 year old
  25. I am gay and was only looking for casual sex. Casual sex. Casual sex. Then one day I had sex with a guy and we felt something. I went home for Christmas and when I returned we started dating. I was 23. He was 27. He told me he loved me. I did not say it back until I felt it. When I felt it I said it. I did and do love him but 9 months after him breaking up with me I am starting to get angry. I am an alcoholic.He never saw that. I never showed him it. But I told him I had addiction problems. But I loved him enough to separate my addiction life with his. For the first 5 months I was a recover
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