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About Me

  1. Well ,it looks like my hand may be pushed faster then I think . I heard a rumour ,yes ,you have to love the rumour mill that our new building is going to be condemned . I had to talk to my boss today and yesterday she told me we plan to re-start in 2 weeks and today she tells me we don’t know what we’re doing yet . So obviously the rumour mill is true . Thank Jesus I applied for unemployment ! A friend added me to all the Facebook child care sites and buy and sells. Unfortunately, my boss is on all the childcare sites . She’s going to know my plan eventually .
  2. Title of this thread is the same as my blog... except the after dark part. I added After Dark because I most likely will write about things here that I don't write about in my Blog. Here I am anonymous... there I'm not. So, now it's time to work my nerves a bit... To M... Posting on facebook that you started your rag... Really? While your at it why don't you just post pics of some used tampons for all our enjoyment. To B... The things you do that used to annoy me so much are starting to annoy me less and less. But, it's not that I've had a change of heart and see the error
  3. If you were a dumpee, did you ever get closure? If so, when? Did you actually get to sit down with your ex and talk it out? I'm 21 and my ex is 24. He dumped me back in October after I (yes, I was an idiot) called him up and got into a heated argument on the phone and then all we had was a 30min phone conversation the next week. I haven't seen him in person since October 18. He said that with his last girlfriends he never gave them an explanation but said that I deserved one. I told him I wouldn't feel closure unless I saw him in person and talked it out. He told me that he didn't know when
  4. How often do dumpers break and check out their ex's Facebook page? That is if you are still friends with your ex on FB....
  5. Why would a guy who likes a girl all of a sudden hide his facebook wall from her? I am baffled. This guy friend/crush and i are slowly getting back on track to friendship after many months of awkwardness and tension due to his having done something that really hurt and disrespected me. The past couple of weeks i have softened a bit and been a bbit more friendly but nowhere near the way i used to be around him. Frineds told me he was really upset during the time i was mad at him. Now that i finally feel we are sort of friends again, he goes and hides his facebook wall! What gives? Why would he
  6. What do you guys think about Facebook friends who rarely or never like anything that you post? I’ve had friends on my Facebook page for years, and I notice that it’s always the same 3-6 people who like my posts. I have hit 'like' on probably all of my friends’ posts at one time or another. Not every single post, but if I see something I like, I hit like. We post, and like similar content as well, so it’s not like we have completely different tastes. Often, the friends who don’t like my stuff, will share the exact same thing I shared right from my page, and not once will they leave a comment or
  7. Hi all, If you’ve been reading my posts you all know that I like to read too much into social media. I can’t help myself. My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. We’re Facebook official, and Everyone knows that we’re together. However, I happened to look on his ex girlfriends page and I can see that both of his sisters are still friends with her. They’ll comment on her posts telling her she’s beautiful, wishing her a happy birthday. My boyfriend isnt friends with her on social media, he’ll only talk of her occasionally, if the topic arises. He’s also told me that he used to think
  8. So i've recently met a girl who i currently have strong feelings for. Lets call her N. She's my sister's classmate at university and i've seen her around for a little over a year but hardly ever talked etc as i had a gf then.. but since then ive become single. So anyway.. this all began about a month ago. My sister invited her to my bday party. I added her on FB and we began to hit it off. She would drive everyday to our office (where i work) every single day for 2 weeks even though she hated driving and just hung out with my sister studying or whatnot in my sisters room while i work. Messagin
  9. My wife recently admitted to me about her kissing another man. The guy she kissed they knew each other growing up. They started talking through Facebook and turned into a every day thing checking up on one another. She went out with some friends girls night out. They were at a bar and happened to see him there. Her fiend left and she stuck around and hung out with him. As they were saying good bye he kissed her and she didn’t stop him. She explained it was a quick peck on the lips. The next day she change her number and deactivated her Facebook and never spoke to him again. What should I make
  10. I'm having a really difficult time getting over something. I found out in July that my boyfriend began an extensive online friendship with an actractive woman half a world away. While the lack of proximity makes me sure that there was no physical relationship, I'm still incredibly uncomfortable. For some back story, they met in a FB group that centered on a Netflix show (a guy he went to school with was the focus of an episode). They met in this group in March when he was laid off due to the coronavirus, I was still working full time and was required to work at the office. During that time
  11. Today my boyfriend of a year and seven months broke up with me over messenger. He said due to Corona virus and it affecting us being apart he had time to reflect how we’re two different people. He’s not wrong I want a relationship that’s more settled where he’s more of a nomad. Besides logistics though he never wanted to get engaged to me. He said he wasn’t ready to be married. I’ve been down this road before and it’s not my first rodeo where a guy leads me on but keeps making excuses to why he won’t commit. I’m just older and wiser to cut it off before it progresses any further. I
  12. Why do we act pretty much as completely two different couples online and in real life? Me and her we get soo edgy, mad at each other, annoyed, scold at each other, cry, block each other on contacts, WhatsApp, fb, etc etc. We both have like a list of promises on each other and we keep breaking themm.. But once we see each other, once we meet, we're this fun couple having loadss of fun togetherr going out to eat, to drink, travel around, joke around, make fun of each other, laugh, make out in hotels, visit cinemas, amusement parks, museums, you name it. Rareeely do we get into any quarrels i
  13. My father and my grandparents are now gone. I don’t have any strong ties to anybody in my paternal side of my family. My dad has two sisters that I am not close to. I had a cousin on my father’s side who took me off Facebook at the beginning of Covid because of my anxiety about it. The day of my father‘s death she tried to re-add me blaming Facebook for our being dropped. 🙄 Most likely I won’t re add her. After my father’s will has been fulfilled I think I will just block all of them.
  14. Hi all, thanks for reading. First, a little background. I was married for 28 yrs and have been divorced a little over 3 yrs. I am in a new relationship for 8 months now. I will admit we did move into this relationship pretty fast but things just seemed right. He is a hard worker, very responsible, and always makes sure I have everything I need. Great guy, only here's the problem....I feel like he still has feelings for his ex girlfriend. She left a lot of things in his house, (understandable!), But he doesn't get rid of them. I asked him about it once and he said it was nothing sentimental and
  15. Well I recently went a bit ape on facebook about some of friends, my friend's fiancee in particular, about ongoing political posts that keep coming up. Just fed up of it. Well I have now came off Facebook. Now it seems the fiancee has taken the hump with me even though i sent a message apoligising which she has still yet to read. I did kinda offend a friend of hers my crazy rant but i was angry so decided to apoligise. One of my friends said i need to stop apoligising over everything. Me and my friend have been on and off friends for years but seem to have drifted apart over the years.
  16. So I met this woman through A dating app about a week ago. Shes a foreigner who lives in another country but She put on her profile that she’s currently living in my city so I messaged her and we chatted it up on the app. Really fast responses showing a lot of interest then she told me to add her on Facebook. I added her and we were messaging non-stop on fb messenger. She seemed really interested in me cause even when I wouldn’t respond, she would double text. Consistent good morning and good night texts from her with the kiss emoji. Anyways she told me how she wanted to visit my city and m
  17. I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in. But here it goes. When I was a teenager, my dad was close friends with a woman in my town named Liz. They walked their dogs together and even had their own little business mowing lawns. Liz spent a lot of time at our house, and we were all pretty close for awhile. (We all stopped hanging out together while I was in college. Liz and I are Facebook friends, though.) As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’m tempted to ask Liz (via Facebook) if she was always just friends with my dad. (Even when my mom first saw him with her during a walk, I
  18. Hello Everyone I recently helped my husband with an issue with his instagram, which was linked to his facebook account. A while later, when I wanted to go into my own facebook I saw I was still logged into his and there was a message from a childhood friend he had recently reconnected with. The message was a call log of a video call that happened a few days before, past 3 am, and it was 21 minutes long. Naturally I wondered why they would be having this video call at that time. I didn't even know what this lady looked like yet and only saw her face for the first time from her profile pict
  19. Okay so here is my dilemma. I have become more aware in the past that I have made a lot of “personal” postings on my social media over the past 8 years. I now want to be more private while still keeping my social media presence; only lowkey. I moved states almost exactly 8 years ago now, and in my new city I know almost everyone cuz it’s a small town kind of place. I want to sort of delete my social media presence, but mostly only so that people in my current city can’t find me on social media. I think it’s a good idea for future jobs as well to clean my socials, but also make it hard for thes
  20. hello forum. this is my first post. I was dating a man five years ago. we me online and dated for about 2 months. he said he wanted to take things slow and at the time I was really lonely and clingy and gave him an ultimatum of relationship or nothing. he said no to relationship and we stopped talking. fast forward to last summer, I was recently out of a long term relationship and we started flirting again, I saw on his facebook that he was single. that lasted about 1 month. same thing again. I wanted to take things further, but he is really aloof and sometimes into his hobbies
  21. Hey everyone - I'm not sure where to start, please bare with me. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. He is 39, I am 30. Things were great in the beginning or I should say the first 4-5 years. I saw him every single day, I spent a lot of time at his family's house even if he was at work. He wanted me to be close with his family and go out together. I liked that because it showed me that he is family oriented. He's never been around my family before though. My family is racist (thank god I taught myself better). My boyfriend is Mexican, I am Lebanese. Both sides have similar value
  22. Hi Guys, So I moved country around 8 years ago and while I go back home like 3 times a year and I'm always in constant contact with my friends I feel like I need advice. Some may say I'm a bit of a loner here (thats why I need unbiased advice). Maybe I am. But I am 30 years old, I only like going clubbing if It's a celebration, I'm happy to stay in on the weekends and sit with my family and cook and hang out. I don't need a boyfriend and I'm ok with that. I love going back home and having the best time with all my friends. I do feel content. Anyway, I live with my aunty and uncle and
  23. Dear All I broke up with my ex of 2 years, 6 months ago. Every morning I wake up missing her and comparing myself to her. She is an ambitious woman with a curvy hip and pretty, loving, caring, cheeky look on her face. I have been with 2 women before her, and according to her account she has been with 1 man, but actually often it is hard to believe that as she partied a lot in her early 20s and she also played handball in the local team semi-professionally. I think she has had some flings before me. I am 28, I graduated in business and economics, but I always wanted to have a more cr
  24. After 2 years & over 30 occasions of my ex-girlfriend breaking up with me I called it a day! This was 4 month ago in 2018 & I am still finding it difficult. The last time she broke up with me she said she didn’t love me any more & her life was better without me. Previous to this I managed to set some boundaries & I told her that if she broke up with me one more time then it was over. She called this manipulation but I stood my ground. After we broke up she tried getting back with me telling me she had made a mistake etc. I stood my ground. She came back a few weeks later ac
  25. I am gay and my gf of a year and a half refuses to take the pictures of her ex husband off of Facebook, and it really bothers me. I have expressed this to her and her reaction after me bringing it up one too many times was to just deactivate it...? I thought that was kinda weird and just wanted to get the opinion of others.... (They were together for 11 years, 4 of which they were married.) They do have an adopted niece on his side and then she has a daughter that is not his biologically but he raised her since she was 5 (so it is her Dad). As far as the pictures in her google drive on her pho
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