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About Me

  1. My beloved 14 yr old dog passed away 2 mos ago. :icon_sad For those of you who were dog owners, did you get a new dog after your previous dog passed away? If you did, when and why? If you decided against repeated dog ownership, what were your reasons? Do you have reasons from other dog owners such as your parents, in-laws, friends or acquaintances? Thank you for your opinion and stories. I appreciate it. There is sudden lonely freedom from losing "man's best friend." However, I don't miss the reality check of enormous commitment, responsibility and expense of taking care of "a to
  2. Hello! First time posting on the pets section of this forum. I did some light reading first, and I think my topic is pretty popular: When it's time to say goodbye. For some history, I've had my dog for about 7 years now. He was approximately 5 when I got him. He was on the "kill" list for the city animal shelter and his time was almost out. Long story short - I saved his life. Fast forward to 2020. I have seen him get a lot older. He stopped playing with toys a while ago. I allow him on the couch, and one of his favorite things to do was to sit on the edge over the armrest.
  3. I need advice on a situation that is really starting to bother me. First of all, I am an animal lover and have many pets. The problem here is my boyfriend's ill-trained dog. He bought this dog with his ex, obviously before I came on the scene. I have tried to speak calmly to my boyfriend about his dog's behaviour, but he won't listen and cuddles him loads. When we are preparing tea, his dog - let's call him Fido - stands close to the cooker watching every move my boyfriend makes, hoping to get scraps, which he usually does for the privilege of begging. I often find dog hairs in my foo
  4. Hello all Im sure this isn't a new unique situation to some people, and I'm sure everyone will be screaming the same answer at me. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years now and things have been getting progressively worse under the surface while remaining happy in the outside. I'm in a total rut right now and honestly, the prospect of what I have to do terrifies me. Arguments are a regular accurence now, and honest communication between us is impossible now because I have to be so careful about what I say as she gets very verbally aggresive towards m
  5. I’m looking for some advice here please.. my partner is going through divorce and Nearly there. hes in the process of removing his ex wife off the title of the home he’s now living in. He wants me to move in I said I would after it’s been settled. I’m having doubts because he has 2 big dogs he lets inside all the time or one barks at the door. The dogs are sniffing around for food all the time, we eat in the lounge room and they come up close to you and stare one of them so close you have to protect your plate. I’m going to start eating alone in the kitchen. He lets them on the couch pats and
  6. We have been together 2 years and we have a house and 2 dogs together. We are not married. He says we aren't married because my mother keeps pushing him to do so. Also his mother said the same thing and that he wanted to ask me a long time ago. Two days ago we had another conversation which he started about what would happen if we broke up(I would keep the dogs and he wants the house). He has brought up this conversation multiple times now. It hurts me because I feel as if he wants to leave me. He also said monogamy might not be for him. It makes me think that there is someone else and that
  7. Hello, I'm new to this website but I found it because I needed any kind of advice I could find, cause I'm having unpleasant time in my relationship and need to hear some opinions... I apologize beforehand if this story doesn't make much sense, but I'm trying. First, quick summary of my relationship so far. Me (20) and my partner Phil (21) have been dating for over a year. I'm his second girlfriend and so he is mine, so one could say we don't actually have much experience. Things were usually going great altough we sure had some fights but mostly over silly things. Here's the problem
  8. Hello. I've been in a relationship for just over 2 years now with my girlfriend and I'm about to walk out the door and leave because of her dogs. I am a dog lover and I know the bond between a person and their animals. I also have a Jack Russel who means the world to me. My girlfriend has 2 Pekingese dogs. The most irritating dogs in the word because they only breath through their nose and they think they are the king of the Castle. We moved into a new home together to take our relationship to the next level. For the past 9 months I have been sleeping in a different room because the do
  9. I have a two year old domestic short hair cat. She is an indoor cat, but always anxious to get outside any time she sees the opportunity. She rushes past me when I open the door and if my arms are full I cannot immediately stop her. So, a few times a week she ends up being outside for a short while until I can lure her back in. I have several toys in the house to keep her occupied, but it does not seem to replace her interest in the great outdoors. I let her sit in window ledges to look outside and get a whiff of the good outdoor smells, but she sees squirrels and chipmunks and runs to
  10. Hi everyone, I'm posting here because I wonder if there's anyone who can relate, there isn't as much on grieving a pet as there is people, but I've come to realise it's no different. My darling girl Delilah passed away in a dramatic turn of events about 10 days ago and it's shattered my world. I didn't even realise how much it could possibly hurt. Everything seems meaningless and my life is empty without my best friend by my side. I rescued her from a shelter 10 years ago, and we've been joined ever since, and deeply loved each other. Early morning the other week, out of the blue, she star
  11. I could really use everyone advice on this… I will be using a FAKE Name Amy for the protection of person whom I have an interest in. So I now have a neighbor who lives next to me. She’s around my age group and she was living with a guy but now has a roommate. When I first moved in I had a friendly meet with her as I let her know that I had just moved in and I was just trying to get to know my neighbors. A few months from there went by with her and I saying hi in passing. One day, I come home and was expecting my amazon package to be at my door and it was stolen. So I made some adjustments b
  12. Hello Thank you for taking the time to read. I met this guy back at the beginning of March and hit it off straight away. He’s 41 and I’m 25 (we discussed the age gap further a few weeks in and both agreed it wasn’t an issue. We have similar interests, hobbies and are both very outgoing) lockdown happened on the day of our fourth meeting so I thought it would whittle out. It didn’t and we spoke everyday and had phone calls etc. Feelings were reciprocated and we were both very excited to see each other again. I ended up having a cooling off period at his place middle of April as I sadly lost
  13. We (35F,40M) have been together for about 2 1/2 years now and living together for over half that time. Our relationship had been mostly really great, with quarantine starting out very good for us for about the first 2 months. Just this past month I feel like we are constantly fighting. I know it is because of the many stressors affecting us,(my job uncertainty, his job pay cut, him hating his job and wanting to leave, his dog dying, my dog getting diabetes and blindness, both gained weight, my lack of motivation & purpose, etc) but I worry that it is something more, like a true incompat
  14. Just interested more than anything to see what people think. So i broke up with my ex 3 months ago. I have accepted she has gone and has zero interest. She has ignored my last message to her and not even opened it to read. That was a month ago now and nothing. Previous to this I asked her to try again and she couldn't give me an answer of yes or no, however I posted on here and everyone said I was being let down gently. I have since tried to look forward and just get on. We are still connected on social media, I see no reason why we can't as we broke up amicably. I don know lately if
  15. I apologize for the lengthy post, but I figured the near-whole story is better than just the highlights. Some details: -I am a 24 year old graduate student working on my PhD in chemistry. -He is a 31 year old that has a couple of rotating jobs. -We have been together for over a year. -We live in a house we rent together. (lease ends in 6 months) -We have a dog together. (I have recently --secretly-- registered our dog on "American Kennel Club", and only listed myself as the owner) The first time he physically hurt me was about 2-3 months into the relationship. He slapped me across
  16. I will try to keep this short and to the point I have been with the same man for a little more than 2 years. He is Asian and I am Canadian. I have been in Asia for many years and this is his home country. He has also lived abroad and has had experience dating western women before. Early in the relationship he was in one city and I was in another. We saw each other on average, twice a month which worked out pretty well I thought. He had a good job working as a trader in a bank but always seemed stressed out about it. There were a couple of times he would change plans randomly sort of goin
  17. I met a woman online and started messaging her there. She then gave me her phone number and we started chatting and texting. Things went well and we met for the first date. During the 1st date she repeatedly asked me how I was single for such a long time. I am 43 and never married, she is 38 and divorced. She also asked me other questions like if I smoke, drink, etc. Regardless, the date went well and we continued to talk. We again met for the 2nd date and this date also went well. She was just a few days away from going on a trip to India to meet her family. Couple of days later I asked he
  18. Jellybean9

    Manuka Honey?

    Hi Amazing Pet Owners! Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are for using Manuka Honey on small wounds on cats and dogs? I did a veterinary related degree and spent a lot of time with work experience in practice. I have seen many vets push medicines for "money" instead or using alternative natural treatments. I know some vets and rescue centers use it as a valid treatment but very rare to find those that advise this. I am not crazy and would never ignore going to the vet for something serious. I read an interesting article about a women who was prosecuted for using it o
  19. I messed up. I have with the only person ever in my life to care about me for me, for the past 2 years. We have had a rocky relationship however, there were plent of good moments together. We also adotped a dog togehter about a year in (he is like both our child). She moved in with me almost instantly and we rent a house, along with my father. I have issues with drinking and smoking weed. I have not been there for her sexually like i should have been for a good while of the relationship, and admidlty could have been more affectionate. We had a 4 day seperation about 4 months ago bec
  20. I have been with my boyfriend for a year now and in fact we live together and have two dogs with each other. So things are serious. We've talked about marriage, kids, and everything else. So you would think everything is perfect, right? WRONG. kinda. I think? I dont know I am so confused. I know he loves me and I DO love him. The biggest problem for me is the sex. I don't feel the connection between us when we do it and that's when we even do it. He would ideally like to do it everyday but we may do it once every six weeks because I just know that I'm not into it. I've talked about it with him
  21. My senior cat, Shay ,needs to have all four canine teeth removed. He has stomatitis caused by an auto immune disease. Basically he is allergic to plaque that forms on teeth and his teeth themselves. It has a pretty hefty price tag of $2000. So in November is going to have all his four canines removed. 😢
  22. Hey guys I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. When we started dating we had a brief conversation about exes/how long we’d been single etc and he told me his last relationship had been a 7 year one in his home town (100 miles away). They’d bought a house together, adopted a dog - the whole works. I didn’t ask why they’d split up but he told me it was a friendly mutual break-up. He’d then moved with the dog to the city we met in. He’s mentioned a couple of times over a year that he’s still friendly with her, but I just found out that she lives in the same city as us. He has b
  23. I met this woman on Tinder. We rushed into things very quickly in a few ways ;). I basically started living at her place right off the bat. After like 5 days she said she loved me while she was drunk. I responded I like her a lot too. She made me amazing food, we had really fun sex where we experimented with things we both are into but haven't done much, adventured in nature, everything in dating. However, there were red flags. She has this crazy ex who she has his dog. He guilt trips her about the dog and threatens to take the dog. She wants the dog as a companion to her dog. They were togeth
  24. Opinions please: A couple days ago my gran came round to my house as she had some things to drop off here. I did not know she was coming and when I saw she arrived my main thought was to go and speak to her (2m apart). I left my phone inside as I wanted to focus on talking to her as I haven’t seen her much recently and before Covid-19 I would see her basically every day. We ended up speaking for half an hour, I know this as my boyfriend had sent me a message 31 mins ago. The first thing I said to him was “Sorry for the slow reply I was talking to my gran” as he thinks it’s rude to take lon
  25. Typical subject line, amirite? Hey guys, I’ve been visiting this forum since 2014; I found it so helpful after a very sad breakup about 5 years ago. Anyway, in 2015 I met my current ex at my best friends wedding (he is related to her and I actually had a crush on him for a while but we never got to hang out until we were older). I was 25 and he was 27 when we reconnected at her wedding. Sparks flew. He was living in another state at the time. We began dating long distance for a little over a year until I finally graduated with my Masters degree and moved to his state. We had a great time l
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