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  1. Hello dear ones, Thou we don’t know each other, I’m grateful we have this very unbiased portal to share our thoughts. Here’s my story and I’ll try to make it short. I just got married to my amazing boyfriend 3 weeks ago at city hall of our country. It costed like $50 and that’s all. We went for dinner just the 2 of us that night to celebrate and that’s it. I’m glad we could blame the covid 19 situation for not being able to have the smallest get together with friends, the truth is we couldn’t afford it. I’m in my late 30’s. Have worked all my life to support my siblings and pay the
  2. Hi everyone, I'm sorry in advance if this turns out to be a long post or if it sounds overly emotional/confusing. I am in desperate need of advice and have no one to turn to. Right now, my mind is a mess..I am shocked, sad, and drowning in my own tears My story: I'm in a committed LDR for the past 4 years with my boyfriend. He lives in Texas and I'm in Canada. We have made frequent trips during that time as well as spoke on the phone (and internet) every day, multiple times a day for hours. He has already met my family and I flew to another country to meet his father. Since the begi
  3. My fiancé and I have been together for almost 5 years and we got engaged a couple months ago before Christmas. When we first started dating, I never had any issues with his sister (I actually thought she was the coolest!). However, as time went on, I realized she really didn’t like me. She looked at me like the person taking him away from family because he was spending all his time with me (we moved in together, moved to another state together for work). She would make snide comments and just generally rude to me (to my face and behind my back). I let it roll off my shoulders because I’m not
  4. Post your most memorable movie quotes (or dialogue) here. I'm thinking not necessarily the most well known (Life is a box of chocolates), but those which stuck with you for some reason. If you wanna say why its memorable to you, even better. To start: From "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (major paraphrasing) Mona Stangley : And Jesus went to a wedding where he turned the water into wine Sheriff Earl Dodd: He was a great man, and he knew how to throw a party Mona: Earl, I can't believe you said that, that's sacrilegious Earl: I know, I know. But God forgives me.
  5. Hi All, thanks for reading. I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years. We are engaged to be married next year and have just bought our dream house together. I get on ok with her mother but i am struggling to hide how much i dislike her from my partner. I love her dad though he is brilliant. Firstly, she (MIL) is rude, very abrupt, when i first met her she couldnt have been less interested in making a first impression. I have been raised to always be very polite. She treats my 26 yr old girlfriend like a baby, arranges to go to her medical appointments with her, still bought her underwear
  6. My fiance and I got engaged in February of last year before lockdowns after five years together. We had set the date to March of 2021, and I honestly thought things would be so much better by now. I thought I'd be able to have a normal wedding. Well, my town in Texas has rapidly climbed in hospitalization rate up to 31% and so many people either refuse to wear masks entirely or wear them really improperly. In September, my fiance and I and my mom and dad caught covid. He ended up taking a turn for the worse, and he was in the ICU for 7 days and in the hospital a total of 10. Thankfully, he pul
  7. I'm having kind of a dilemma. I got engaged back in November and have been planning a wedding for this November. Yes even COVID wasn't going to stop us from getting married. It wasn't about the number of attendees anyways. However, within the past few weeks my mother-in-law to be has been diagnosed with lymphoma and will be starting an 18 week 6 cycle chemotherapy treatment. Which obviously puts her at getting treated right around the time of my honeymoon. I don't feel comfortable with her being by herself on a treatment week while her son and I are gone. However she doesn't want to stay
  8. Hey all, I am due to be marrying my beautiful fiancé in a couple of years. We originally had a place booked in, but my bride to be has always had her eyes on a wedding in Mauritius. Both of us liked the idea of this. So discussions begun, all her family said they would attend, our friends, and we looked into budgets. Now we spoke to my family, I am the youngest child, I haven’t seen my dad in my life so it’s just my mum and 3 siblings. My mum has had her health issues, and she has been informed she is not able to go to this wedding if it is abroad.. 1. She can’t get insurance, 2. She can’t get
  9. I really need advice. I am good friends with a group of 3 girls that I have known since we were in high school (10+ years). After high school we all went our separate ways going to different colleges. We kept in contact and would usually see each other once a year but I wasn’t as close as I used to be with them because of work, relationships, etc. We finally all live in the same area and within the past year we have gotten very close again. We have celebrated all our birthdays, holidays and events together the past year and see each other all at least once a week. One of the girls who I was al
  10. Hi I've been with my current girlfriend for 2-3 months now and everything is going great. Before i had even met her, i had trips abroad planned and paid for and a wedding invitation that obviously again, all numbers sorted catering etc A few days ago though, she spotted the invitation on the fridge and asked "ooo are you taking me as your plus one?" i replied in a joking tone "No, my brother is my plus one this was all sorted before i met you babe" and that was the end of it. Yesterday i get a text as i suspected something was up with her, she said she felt like we was on different level
  11. Hi I wish to have some feedback regarding a small issue I feel that's cropped up with my current girlfriend. Basically, before we met, I had trips abroad planned with friends and one of my best friends wedding. All booked, paid, numbers confirmed for the wedding all sorted, plus my own kids child arrangements. 2-3 months into our relationship now, my girlfriend sees the wedding invite and asks, oh are you taking me as your plus one? I said jokingly no I'm taking my brother (who is also invited same invitation) as its all been arranged before I met you. A few days ago, she texts me saying
  12. Hi This is my first post on here so It may be a little long but hopefully some of you have some time and advice to spare Ok so I am a 30 year old female and I am recently engaged. Things with my fiancé are perfect. It is the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. Before him I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship and meeting my fiancé was like a breath of fresh air. The only problem is he has been married before and has 2 children from that relationship. The children aren’t the problem, we get along great they love me and when they are with us we are all very happy. The pr
  13. Long story short. It was a very healthy relationship, the night before we were in the cinema and had a lovely dinner together and woke up arm in arm (we lived together). The next day we had an argument - I was upset and told him Im leaving. The same day when I returned home he packed up my stuffs and asked me for the key. When I got home he asked me: are you hungry? Should I cook something? And I saw in the living room my stuffs were packed in luggages. I flipped out. I destroyed our photos. I threw my beloved soft toy in the bin which was his gift for me, I was broken. He yelled at me: this
  14. Okay, this story is messy and something I'm not proud of so please don't start responding and trying to shame me because I already know, I get it. With that being said let me begin: So I married my high school sweetheart after 6 years of dating. We were 21 and should of not been getting married. Post wedding, I found out from the best man of the wedding that my new husband had apparently been cheating (having sex for two months prior to the wedding) on me with a girl who was in our friend group aka she was at the wedding, bought us a wedding gift, etc. Anyways, I confront my husband and tell h
  15. Hi there, I've been with my boyfriend (M28) for more than 2 years and a half. It will be 3 years in december. I am 22 years old (F). I have been on and off LD with him due to work/immigration issue (when I say on/off, I mean we were living together during 3/4 months, then back LD, then back living together). We are getting sick of the long distance so we decided to get married to finally be able to close the distance and to settle together. When I tried telling my mom that I'm considering getting married, she did not react very well telling me that I was too young and that I should enj
  16. Hello! I would really appreciate everyone’s opinion at the moment. I have been with my partner over a year now, I’m a quiet person who really enjoys to spend time in the countryside, Hiking, exploring.. Would never change that for Pubs or any party. My partner is quite similar, he had his fun when younger, but seems to enjoy our quiet weekends so far. I have had a few problems with 2 of his friends, when we got together.. His friend and Girlfriend made sure to arrange a dinner with my partners sister.. just to say that he found just a foreigner waitress.. And was getting her (me) to move i
  17. I am at a point in my life where I am reeling from what happened to me. I am in a state of cognitive dissonance still, so I do not think I fully comprehend what has happened to me yet. I met a guy 1.5 years ago on Tinder. He was perfect to me, everything about him. Everything I ever wanted. It was just after the wedding invitations went out that I noticed he would say hurtful things, and apologize but it wasn't genuine whatsoever. My unease began growing, but I thought it could be wedding jitters. I had no idea what the actual issue was but I didn't feel right. I will go into detail of everyth
  18. Hi all, I am at a point in my life where I am reeling from what happened to me. I am in a state of cognitive dissonance still, so I do not think I fully comprehend what has happened to me yet. I met a guy 1.5 years ago on Tinder. He was perfect to me, everything about him. Everything I ever wanted. It was just after the wedding invitations went out that I noticed he would say hurtful things, and apologize but it wasn't genuine whatsoever. My unease began growing, but I thought it could be wedding jitters. I had no idea what the actual issue was but I didn't feel right. I will go into detai
  19. I would really appreciate any kind of advice, especially in positive sense cause i've been really in emotional mess these days.. :/ So, i'm in 6 years relationship, last 2 years in long distance relatioship due to her work in another country.. We really love each other(i think so, and i felt it so many times)..there were some difficult times when i didn't realise that we haven't spoke on video calls for a week or 10 days and it made us distant and cold..so in may this year she felt like pulling away (she said that her feelings are not like they were before)..but i was sure that that was not t
  20. Some examples, and no they weren't all said in 1 day Jokingly saying he put money aside for wedding [don't really think he did?] Oh we should get married and come back and tell everyone! Talking about what the wedding would be like. Jokingly saying "we should just get married" Drove past a ring place and he was like "oh I need to go there to get your ring!" Joked saying I don't know what hes getting me for Christmas and it'll be a real knee jerker, and joked about getting down on his knee. Brought up noticing a wedding dress place. Joked about proposing for Christmas and that's what
  21. I (33F) just got dumped by my boyfriend (31M) of a little bit over a year. To give the situation context - we work together and he had pursued me. We committed to one another after about 4 months of dating. He was never hesitant to introduce me to his family and we hung out with his friends on a regular basis. He was the best person I’ve ever been with, always affectionate and available. I never questioned him or how he felt about me. I genuinely thought he loved me and that our future would fall into place. He was my best friend and my home. He had never told me he loved me, but I had
  22. I have been with my girlfriend for 2.5 years. I will be proposing this month. Whenever we get dressed up to go out she wears her wedding band (not engagement ring) from her ex on her right ring finger. I thought this was weird so I asked her about it. She told me that she just thinks it is a pretty ring and that she likes to wear it. She said that when they got married he made her buy her own wedding band and that he did not spend a dime on it or even go with her to pick it out. So to her it has no meaning (it's just another ring). She told me that she divorced him after 3 months together beca
  23. A year ago I met a guy and so the story goes... We dated, which progressed into a loving relationship, and now we are living together. We are "normal" couple with our ups and downs but at the end of each day I can honestly say that I am so unbelievably lucky to have this person in my life. Rewind to month 1. We had been on 2 (maybe three dates) before I traveled for a long weekend with friends. We stayed in touch but at this point, I was not sure if I saw this relationship going anywhere but I enjoyed the time we spent together and knew we would continue talking/wanting to him again. O
  24. I've been here years ago. Here we go. My girlfriend moved in with her kids. Everything was going so good. We had an amazing vacation together. We talk non stop every day. I mean it was perfect I was so happy and she said it also many times After having an great weekend away with the kids it turn for the worse very quick. It came down to a wedding a year away and I could give an answer if i could go right away with my work schedule. With in an hr she add alternative ideas who she could go with. It was an destination wedding a year away. We could have booked in th
  25. It's nearly 11pm, I'm staying up because I have a few things I want to get done before work tomorrow. Well that was the plan anyway, go in on Tuesday after the bank holiday all refreshed and ready for the week. Instead here I am, writing this, because my mind is racing, I can’t concentrate on anything but this. It bubbles up all the time and takes over all thought processes, especially in the evenings, when I’m usually most productive. His name is Finn, he joined my current company just over a year ago now, when he joined he was fairly chatty, what I would call a typical ‘lad’, not supe
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