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Life On The Rocinante' (After Dark!)

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I haven't written much lately because I've been working my ass off getting ready for OC Indianapolis.  Yea, I still have 7 weeks to go.  But since they are so damn picky and I'm already hanging by a thread with them, I have to basically create a whole new body of work just for that show.  So I'm trying to crank out as many paintings as possible.  Honestly if that show wasn't such a huge money maker, I wouldn't bother.  The people who run it are kind of a pain int he ass.  But, putting in a 6 hour work day and making a few thousand dollars makes it worth dealing with their crap.  The firs OC event I did I didn't even have time to change before things got crazy.  We set up the morning of, so I was in jeans and a T-Shirt with no makeup, etc.  My plan was to go and change and pretty up after the booth was done being set up.  But before the show even started officially, there were already a dozen or so people in the booth wanting to buy stuff.  And it was like that all day. So I did the whole show in my setup clothes. 

香蕉视频app网 They market their event as being an event that showcases all kinds of non traditional art.  They are all, "Yes, we are the all things wacky and weird show! Come and see all the strange and unusual art!"  They are so strict about how every booth looks and about how the vendors themselves look that it almost seems hypocritical.  They banned me at the end of 2019 because according to them my booth didn't look Goth enough for their show.  Practically everything in my booth is black or purple.  Idk how Goth they want it.  Do they want me to bring a bunch of Halloween decorations with me next time? 

After some brown nosing and sending them a bunch of pics of my booth, I finally was able to talk them into letting me back in, but they demoted me to the smallest booth possible.  I had a 10x15 booth there for multiple shows.  Now I'm in a 6x8 booth. 

And when you walk around at these events, about a third of the booths there are selling taxidermy.  What's so Goth about Taxidermy?  I grew up in the midwest where everybody and their brother is a hunter.  Seeing Deer heads on walls is really normal in my part of the world.  So maybe it's just normalized for me, idk.  I've never seen a deer head on someone's wall and thought, "OMG, that's so Goth!" 

And then about another third of the booths there are selling New Age, Wiccan, Spirituality related stuff. 

So only about a third of the vendors are artists.  I realize that Taxidermy takes a lot of skill and craftsmanship, but I don't think of it as art.  Mainly because a taxidermist is taking a dead animal and stuffing it.  It doesn't require the same level of creativity as doing a painting or a sculpture, etc. 

And, from what I've seen a lot of the art being sold there isn't Gothic either.  So I don't know what their obsession is with everyone's booth having to look so Goth.  And I'm all about the Goth subculture.  I've been into that look and all that since I was a teenager.  It's not that I have a problem with it.  It just doesn't make a ton of sense in this context. 

And then you have people like my ex, D, who doesn't adhere to that at all but still gets to sell there and as far as I know no one has said a thing to him about his look/the look of his booth.  His booth has the look of an old country fair booth.  His displays are all wooden.  He uses green and brown table covers.  And he also dresses really preppy at shows.  Why is it that the rest of the vendors have to look a certain way but he doesn't?  I'm guessing he probably has just paid them off. 

I still think they got us mixed up and they think my booth is the wooden old country looking booth.  Because when I had to send them some additional pics a while back they asked me why his booth was in the background.  Uh... that's my booth in the background.  It will be so hilarious if he shows up in Indie and starts setting up and they make him take everything down and leave because his booth doesn't look a certain way.  And if that happens, he will throw a massive tantrum and make a total ass of himself.  I just have this image in my head of him and Julie making the walk of shame (Over and over because they won't be able to carry everything out in one trip) out of the event and having to walk right by my booth every time.  I'll make sure to give them a big smile. 

So, enough about that...

Z had to go to the ER the other night.  Thankfully everything is ok.  She started on new meds recently and she felt like she was going to pass out at work.  She felt really dizzy and short of breath, so they told her to clock out and go to the ER. 

香蕉视频app网 And, it turns out her new job isn't working out as well as she hoped.  At first she was so happy to be out of the Taxi company and back in a restaurant.  But then she started seeing how unprofessional it is there.  Everyone, management included, sits around doing drugs on the clock.  And she said the kitchen is really disgusting.  As someone with a background working in high end restaurants she just was so disgusted by the way things are there.  Friday night she was getting ready for work and I was in my room sitting on my bed playing on my laptop.  She came into my room and I could tell something was wrong.  Just the look on her face.  She said, "Would you think less of me if I quit?"  I told her no because I can tell she's really unhappy.  And I know she will find something else really fast.  She told me she just ha higher standards for herself and doesn't want to be a part of any of that.  She spent yesterday filling out apps online. 

香蕉视频app网 K was ff school a couple days last week because of all the snow.  I think it was Tuesday I took a personal day from work because the taxi company straight up told me they weren't going to be able to get me to work.  We were on a level 2.  I have the personal time, so why not?  Well, L also took that day off.  And K was sledding down the hill in my side yard.  He was all excited and asked me and L to watch him.  So we were out there and it took him forever to get up the hill with the sled because it was so slippery.  Then he jumps on the sled on his belly, headfirst.  Then he couldn't stop himself and he went flying right across the driveway and straight into the side of the house.  He was fine.  L and I had a good laugh about it. 

He actually got in trouble at school last week because he keeps wanting to kiss all the girls.  I guess at recess one day a bunch of the kids all went off into a corner of the playground and all played some kissing game.  And K liked it and now he wants to keep doing it.  L and I were talking and she was like, "I don't know where he got that from.  It's not like he sees me kissing guys or sees his dad kissing girls.  We don't do that in front of him."  He has seen Z and I kiss each other though.  It's not like we just make out and get all passionate in front of him.  But he has seen us kiss each other goodnight, etc.  But even then, I'm sure he's seen people kiss in movies/ on TV, etc. 

His Dad is concerned about some of the music he's hearing and stuff while at my house.  He hangs out with me in the art room a lot when I'm working.  But when he's in here I don't play anything offensive.  He likes Tool and Pink Floyd because of me.  But I always keep it PG when he's around.  L doesn't care though.  She will play/watch anything in front of him.  He was at his Paternal grandma's house and said he wanted to play a song for her.  The song he played was Damn by Jeris Johnson.  Grandma wasn't too happy.  L plays that song all the time. 

香蕉视频app网 So now there's some conflict between L and her ex about what he's being exposed to here. 

When I was his age my parents didn't care what I saw/heard either.  In some ways that was a good thing.  But I also saw some pretty disturbing things before I should have. 

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Well, that's always nice! Congratulations!

1 hour ago, Cynder said:

I wish there was an easy way to just make it go away. 

I don't know how old you are, but for me it didn't really go away until I was able to put some healthy space between me and my family. For me, that wasn't until I was in my 30s, and in part because they moved!! Also, being in a loving relationship with someone who genuinely cares for my success and well-being is extremely香蕉视频app网 helpful. Maybe it's the most helpful thing, honestly. Even so, I do get triggered when I go to visit my family. 

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