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Flashback: Some scenes of the movie Pearl Harbor conjured up. I don't know why I remembered this movie. Great movie by the way, I want to see it again. In all the romantic drama movies (Pearl Harbor, The Notebook etc) it's always the same storytwo men wanting the same woman which always happens to be in a relationship with one of the two lol. I haven't seen the reverse in a movie (two women wanting the same man and fighting till the end), maybe there are some movies with this plot but I don't think it's the norm. This is not romantic lol? On the other hand, I haven't seen many romantic dramas to begin with so I can't draw a conclusion.

Then I remembered I have seen the reverse scenario in real life. I had a friend who was a player. Pretty good one I have to concede based on the results. So I witnessed a fight - and it was a good one - between two girls who wanted him. It was so freakin entertaining and hilarious hahaha. I guess the "two women wanting the same guy" scenario does not evoke any romantic/dramatic/erotic emotions. Not suitable for a movie, it would't sell. Fine entertainment in real life though hahahaha

One of my random nonsensical thoughts of the day.


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