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Second chances

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I only give second chances if the offense was minor and did not involve the following:   lying, cheating, deceit, betrayal, chronic gaslighting and habitual, obnoxious disrespect and rudeness.  I tend to give a lot of free passes if offenses are not egregious.

香蕉视频app网 If I happen to get lucky and receive amends with sincere apologies, then I definitely give second changes without constantly rehashing the past.  Therefore,  it's possible to move forward and heal relationships or friendships.  

If trust is dead and I encounter perpetrators, then I enforce very strong boundaries with them.  I'm civil; no more, no less. 


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8 hours ago, 99prob said:

If someone, wasn't toxic or abusive but you guys fell out. Would you give them another chance and leave the past behind?

You were never dating, correct? If you want his friendship, fine. 

香蕉视频app网 However if you have an unrequited crush, you may need to step back and clear your mind so you can start talking to and meeting men.

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